How much resources do pigs save in the end?

Pig-raising in the fermentation bed has achieved various savings, mainly including provincial feed, water saving, energy saving, provincial medicine, and provincial labor, while also saving construction investment and land occupation.

1. Provincial feed

Can save 5 to 10% of feed. According to the actual calculations made by customers of Chengdu, Weihai, etc. using the Jinbao Dry Sausage Fermenting Bed, a pig can save 90 to 100 pounds of feed, and 20 pigs can have a feed fee of 20 heads x 90 pounds x 0.6 yuan = 1080 yuan. One of the reasons for the saving of feeds is the presence of nutrients such as bacterial proteins, low-molecular-weight fats, and sugars in the fermented mattresses eaten by pigs, replacing a small portion of feed. The second is that the fermentation bed significantly improves the pig's constitution, and its metabolic function and growth potential are fully utilized. Third, the pigs on the fermentation bed are more relaxed, the stress state is greatly reduced, and physical fitness is saved.

2. Provincial water

Eliminating the rushing circle process, saving about 90% of water consumption on the pig farm, saving more than 2 tons of water per pig, 3 yuan per ton of water, saving 6 yuan per pig, and saving thousands of pig farms for hundreds of dollars. This is particularly important in the arid regions of the northwest.

3. Energy saving

Save more than 60% of coal consumption. The price of 1 ton of coal is around 800, and it can save 480 yuan a year.

Coal farm electricity consumption is mainly used for heating. The fermentation bed not only raises the house temperature in the cold season, but more importantly it provides the pig with a warm surface so that the body heat of the pig is not easily lost. Even if the pigs are kept in cold weather without heating, the pig will instinctively arch the litter and bury part of the body or even the entire torso in the litter, so that the heating heat of the pig house only needs to be filled with concrete. About 30% can be.

4. Provincial Drugs

Reduce the use of health-care drugs and vaccines by more than 70%.

The goldfish fermentation bed can improve the pig's constitution and immunity, and pigs are less sick, which reduces the use of drugs. The fermentation bed technology advocates restoration and reliance on the immunity of pigs to overcome the disease. Except for key immunization, it is not recommended to use large amounts of antibacterial drugs for daily health care.

5. Provincial labor

Eliminating manure and flushing can save manpower by more than 20%. In the past, 4 to 5 individuals working in the pens, now need 2-3 is enough, labor costs by 100 yuan / day, you can save 200 to 300 yuan / day.

The use of ginba dry-type fermentation bed can completely eliminate the original cleaning and flushing work. The alternative is the maintenance of a fermentation bed based on litter. There is little work to maintain during the piggy stage. Although the amount of littering during the large litter stage will increase, the amount of labor during the entire breeding process is much easier than that of the cement ground pen housing pigs, and the working environment is not stinky.

6. Provincial Construction Investment

Effluent treatment facilities will be eliminated, with a corresponding reduction in investment of 5-10% and a reduction of 10-15% in the farm.

In addition to the aisles, there is no need to build a concrete site and there is no need for a nursery. Don't use or reduce the use of sow bed, save construction site investment. The above two items are offset by the increased investment in the construction of the fermentation bed, which can still save more than 10% of investment. For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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