Electronic manufacturing and medical demand for the robot market is increasing

Zhou Changyi, director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said recently that China will issue the "12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment", organize and formulate energy conservation and environmental protection equipment and product standard systems, and guide the orderly development of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment manufacturing. According to the "2012-September 2012 Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Operation" reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the national environmental protection equipment project has completed fixed assets investment of 67.6 billion yuan since the start of construction, and the newly added fixed assets investment of 25.2 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year. It increased by 153% year-on-year.

The electronic pharmaceutical industry will become an expensive new order for industrial robots

The demand for energy-efficient products in the electronics market and the adoption of new technologies will promote the demand for robots in electronics manufacturing. The demand for quality and capacity in the medical market will also increase demand for industrial robots. In 2010, the installed capacity of industrial robots in China was about 15,000 units. In 2011, it increased by more than 50% to 22,600 units. Some institutions believe that China will become the world's largest robot market in 2014. In terms of market share, ABB, FANUC, Yaskawa Eight companies, such as KUKA, OTC, Panasonic, Nazhi Fuji, Kawasaki, and Shinsong, account for more than 70% of the Chinese market, of which only Xinsong is a Chinese company.

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