Henan increases AIDS patient subsidy

Henan increases AIDS patient subsidy In order to alleviate the difficult life of AIDS patients, Henan Province decided to increase the standard of living for AIDS patients, which will increase from 20 yuan per person per month to 200 yuan.

According to regulations, from October 1, 2012, Henan Province will increase the standard of living allowance for AIDS patients from 20 yuan per person per month to 200 yuan per person per month. Quantitative subsidies for living of AIDS patients do not count toward household income, and do not affect the urban and rural subsistence allowances that the patients themselves and their family members should enjoy. In the fourth quarter of this year, quantitative subsidies will be disbursed in recent days.

It is reported that from 2004 onwards, Henan Province provided institutional life assistance to children and patients affected by AIDS. At present, 37,205 AIDS patients are granted a quantitative subsidy every month on the basis of the inclusion of a minimum guarantee.

Mechanical Heat Meters

At present, the heat metering market commonly used heat table is divided into mechanical heat meter(mechanical heat metering) and ultrasonic heat meter.The mechanical heat meters is consist of temperature sensor, flow sensor and calculator. With the aid of the temperature sensor, The mechanical Heat Meters measure the inlet water and return water temperature. Flow rate sensor measures the volume rate of the hot water in the tube trough the time difference. The figures recorded will be delivered to integral calculator which calculates the total heat and displays.

The mechanical heat meters sensors measures the flow rate through the circles of the wheels. According to the specification, The DN can be ≤40mm and ≥50mm. According to the inner structure, the small size mechanical heat meters can be single jet and multi jet. At present, our mechanical heat meters belong to single jet mechanical heat meters and they have higher request from the water quality. According to the counter of the flow sensor, the mechanical heat meters can be dry and wet type. Our mechanical heat meters are the dry type.Except mechanical heat meters,the plastic heat meter is also a good product.

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