Food baking equipment routine maintenance tips

Many times when we are tired, we can quickly recover by relaxing. But the machine can't recover spontaneously. Any equipment will age for a long time, which will increase the probability of failure and make the machine life. Shorten, therefore, the daily maintenance of the equipment machine is particularly important, the kitchen camp is here to remind everyone that the equipment must be cleaned and maintained after a period of use. The following are the daily maintenance tips of the equipment.

First of all, understand that the baking equipment is used for a long time. Because of the friction and vibration generated by the operation, the wear and tear of the parts is called wear. This wear and tear can change the size and shape of the part, which will affect the performance degradation. In serious cases, even the damage of the part will cause the machine to malfunction and then malfunction.

In another case, rust, aging, etc. caused by improper storage of the baking equipment is called natural wear. This kind of wear can be caused by the use of mechanical equipment or when it is parked. The natural wear caused by the equipment in the idle state is more obvious than that of the use, and it is more easily overlooked. Many people will disapprove it.

In the general case, the wear of the baking equipment can be divided into three stages; first, the initial wear stage, the early wear state of the new mechanical equipment or the repaired mechanical equipment, the wear rate will be very fast, mainly because The surface roughness of the part is worn during operation and the operator is unfamiliar with the newly used equipment; however, as the rough surface is smoothed, the bad parts are replaced, after the running-in adjustment, and the operator is already familiar with the equipment. In this way, the wear rate of the baking equipment will gradually slow down. Second, the normal wear stage, the wear speed is slow in this state, so that the equipment is in the best state. At this time, you should start to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, strengthen inspections, prevent sudden occurrence of faults, and extend the service life. Third, the stage of severe wear, mainly the wear level of the parts has reached the final stage of normal use, the efficiency of use at this stage will be seriously reduced, so the failure will occur frequently, this time you should replace your baking equipment. To maintain normal business conditions.

In general, Xiao Bian reminds everyone that baking equipment is especially important in the food industry such as cake bread, so it is necessary to pay attention to and extend the life of the equipment, in order to continue to provide delicious food for the store.

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