Thin farm cattle feeding in winter

In winter, the climate is cold, there are few green and green fodder, there are few forage grasses, some cattle are lean and thin, the hair is rough and chaotic, and the bones are exposed poorly.
1. Keep cow houses clean, dry and warm. Hang the curtains on the doors, block the wind tunnel, and avoid cold winds. Bring cows to shelter from the wind and sunshine when the weather is warm and noon.
2. Forages should be cleaned and forbidden to be fed with rain, snow, or moldy grass. Feed more easily digestible carrots, pumpkins, and germinating feeds to meet the needs of cattle for various nutrients for fresh deep well or warm water. Drink cold and cold water,
3. Feed high-quality green hay or silage, and daily feed 1 kg of bran, 2 kg of corn flour, 1 kg of bean cake or peanut cake and other cakes.
4, in the feed or drinking water to feed the right amount of salt; feed stone powder and other mineral feed, to meet the needs of cattle for a variety of nutrients, so that thin cattle safely overwintering, in order to benefit spring plowing production.

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