Cotton rotten bell rotten peach comprehensive protection measures

The main causes of rotting bolls in cotton are as follows: First, excessive or late application of nitrogen fertilizers causes excessive growth of cotton plants, serious shading, and reduced ability to resist diseases; second, excessive rainfall during the flowering season or excessive autumn rain, high humidity in the field , Poor drainage, germs breeding and intrusion. In addition, red rot, anthrax, and boll disease are also one of the causes of damage to bolls that cause rotten bells. Therefore, comprehensive measures must be taken in prevention and control:
1. Reduce field temperature. The three-groove support in the cotton field is the central task of flood prevention. Generally, a vertical trench of 5 meters is required to dig a trench, and the depth of the trench is about 33 centimeters. Drainage trenches around the field need to be unimpeded, and the middle ditch, Weigou, and ditch should be provided. Gutters communicate with each other to reach the standard of dry water.
2. Master the amount of fertilizer. Hua Lingfei applies 12 kg of standard nitrogen fertilizer at 667 square meters, and it is advisable to apply 5 kg of standard nitrogen fertilizer to 667 square meters of peach fertilizer. Too little will not increase the effect of flower-protecting peaches, too much will cause the cotton plant grow crazy, greedy green, late mature, rotten bell rotten peach. For the re-application of flower and bell fertilizer or no trend of premature aging, the cotton field should be less protected.
3. Timely pruning to improve lighting conditions. The cotton fields that are prosperous in prosperous areas should be combined with pruning, and the old leaves in the middle and lower parts should be struck in batches, and “open skylights” (two to three main stem leaves are torn off halfway in the middle and upper part) and push-line drying should be adopted for the cotton fields with long autumnal hairs. Remedy.
4. Control pests and diseases. Prevention and control of pests such as cotton bollworm and red bollworm should be based on the prevention and control of the previous stage, and spray 90% crystals of dipterex 1000 times, or 40% methamidophos emulsion 1000 times, in the upper, middle, and late September respectively. 667 square meters of liquid medicine 60 to 70 kg. Combining pruning and moving buds for artificial capture can receive good results. Prevention of boll disease, 667 square meters with 25% carbendazim 600 times or 50% thiophanate 1000 times or 65% dexamethasone 600 times liquid, 667 meters 2 spray 65 kg spray every 15 days About 1 prevention and control, continuous control 2 times.
5. Grab cotton bolls and dry them in time. To pick up the rotten bolls that have occurred or are about to happen in time in order to take the bolls with germs out of the field and reduce the source of the disease. Drying and collecting dried bells can also reduce unnecessary economic losses.

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