Four home fish artificial breeding high yield program

1. Strictly select the broodstock to choose the natural original species, require health, good gonadal development. More than 6kg of weight carp, more than 10kg carp, more than 15kg carp, more than 8kg carp. The broodstock's annual turnover rate should reach about 10%.
2. Scientifically clear the fish pond brood pool to facilitate irrigation and drainage, oysters, squid pond bottom 20 cm deep mud can be, blue, grass pond bottom with little or no silt. An area of ​​1-5 acres, water depth of about 1.5 meters. The pool should be cleared before stocking.
3. Match and stock the ponds that mainly use squid, raise 3-4 fishes per mou for squid and grass carp; raise the pond for squid mainly, take 6-8 tails for raising grass carp; raise the pond for octopus, mu. Accompanied by 2-3 fishtails and grass carp; the main pool of grass carp, mu catch oyster or squid 3-5. The proportion of males and females of broodstocks, oysters, blues and grasses is generally 1?1-1.5. At the same time, 8-10 squid and about 150 squid calyx are stocked per acre to control the breeding of wild fish and large zooplankton.
4. Strengthen feeding and management Before stocking, the broth and squid brooding ponds should put in 500-700 kilograms of decomposed organic fertilizer per acre to cultivate plankton, and fertilize it later. In addition, sunny and warm weather should be fed bean cake to promote gonadal development. Herring broodstock is mainly fed with snails and oysters, supplemented with bean cake and other fine ingredients. Grass broodstock is dominated by green grass, ryegrass, hawthorn vines and other green materials, supplemented by fine material. If spring and autumn grass are insufficient, fine material is required. In order to keep the water fresh, fall water should be diligently applied in autumn, and in winter, the water depth should be more than 1.5 meters.
5. Focus on the determination of the appropriate oxytocin production date: After the weather warms, the minimum water temperature in the morning is stable above 18°C ​​for 3 consecutive days, and it is more appropriate when there is no strong cold air attack. Mature broodstock appearance characteristics: female abdomen inflated, the fulminate hole on both sides of the full, soft and elastic, reproductive hole relaxation, grass carp at the same time the abdominal scales loose, abdomen midline concave, ovary fall, there are like moving, oxytocin effect is good. The male fish can squeez out milky white semen and can be used when the water is spread. Normal females inject oxytocin chemotactic hormone 1,000 IU per kilogram body weight, or LRH-A 40-50 micrograms; males halved.
6. Optimize the incubation process The incubation water should be filtered with a filter to prevent the entry of floating debris and wild fish. Before each incubation, clean the hatching tank and hatching tank, provide suitable water flow during incubation, and diligently flip the water to check whether there are any accumulated egg seedlings in the bottom corner and clean it in time to maintain the water quality.
7. Comprehensive prevention and treatment of fish diseases in broodstock fish breeding to prevent the main annual spring and autumn with 0.4ppm crystal trichlorfon Quanchiposa to prevent parasites, from April to October monthly use of 30ppm quicklime or 1ppm bleach The pool is spilled to prevent bacterial diseases. Once you find a fish disease, actively remedy the problem and cure it as soon as possible.

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