Baoqing Red Adzuki Bean Cultivation Technology

1. The selection and resistance to soil preparation of red adzuki bean is poor. It is better to choose slow sandy land with less sandy soil and less land, or land that is not easy to accumulate water. The former should choose corn pods that have not been used for three years. Or wheat bran, avoid re-marriage. Site preparation is mainly in autumnal soil preparation, with a depth of 20-30 cm. After the deep plowing, the screed is fine and immediately ridged and suppressed. Combining soil preparation and hectares with high-quality rotten farmyard fertilizers (22.5 to 30.Ot), the ridges and fertilizers are evenly distributed, which lays the foundation for planting seedlings in the spring of the following year to preserve seedlings.
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2, sowing and fertilization effective accumulated temperature can be stable by more than 10 °C, generally in late May. Choose sunny and windless weather, use ridge on the mechanical double-precision on-demand or pod seed, hectare sowing rate of 30.0 ~ 37.5kg. Immediately after sowing, the soil was covered with 3 to 4 cm, and 150 kg of diammonium phosphate and 75 kg of potassium sulfate were used as seed fertilizer. In order to ensure the quality of sowing, red bean should be sown on wet soil, and the separation of seed fertilizer should be done so as to prevent shoot drying and chemical fertilizer burning. In order to prevent the broken seedlings of red beans, it should be timely suppressed after sowing.
3, field management (1) Seedling management seedling period combined with weeding for the seedlings to ensure seedlings robust growth. 2 to 4 true leaf time seedlings are appropriate, leaving seedlings too dense and easy to cause field cover. Caused prolonged flowering and delayed ripening of red adzuki bean. According to soil conditions to select the appropriate spacing, favorable ventilation, generally 1.5 to 180,000 hectares of seedlings is appropriate, remove diseased seedlings, weak seedlings, leaving strong seedlings, seedlings.
(2) The cultivating and weeding red adzuki bean is sensitive to the temperature reaction. To prevent the low-temperature injury, 3 to 5 days before the emergence, a shovel is used to increase the temperature of the ground and three shovels and three rakes are used to prevent the spasm and the spasm. Pressure seedlings. Huwei, Gaisha can also choose to catch net, fine stable kill weedkiller to kill weeds. During the flowering period of red adzuki bean, we carefully and comprehensively pull out the large grass one time to avoid competition between weeds and red adzuki beans for fertilizer and water, affecting the seed setting rate.
(3) Appropriate amount of top-dressing red beans have nitrogen-fixing ability, and suitable top-dressing can increase the yield. In the early flowering period of red adzuki bean, spraying with potassium dihydrogen phosphate 3 ~ 5kg/hm2 for foliar spray can promote flower bud differentiation of red adzuki bean and increase seed setting rate. In the flowering period of red adzuki bean, according to the growth of red adzuki, he applied 90-120kg of urea or spraying gold leaf fertilizer such as gold 655 can promote the reproductive growth of red adzuki bean and increase the number of flower buds. Rainy year should control the amount of topdressing, appropriate spraying of ferrous sulfate to prevent iron deficiency yellow seedling disease.
(4) Diseases and Insect Pest Control Common diseases of red beans include blight, virus disease, powdery mildew, rust, and pests. Bacterial disease can be used 50% carbendazim to seed the amount of 0.5% to 1.0% seed dressing; viral disease with 20% of agricultural streptomycin 1000 ~ 2000 times spray control; powdery mildew and rust with 25% Triadimefon 2000 times spray Prevention. Many roundworms occur at the seedling stage and flowering stage. Excessive temperatures during the fruiting stage may also occur. It was found that 40% omethoate was applied to the locust at 2000 to 3000 times for spray control on a windless day. The best spraying time was from 9 to 11 am Or 2 to 4 pm.
4, timely harvest red beans easy to blast the grain, in order to reduce the loss of harvest, artificial harvest should be yellow in the pods, leaves before all fall off, if all leaves fall off after harvest, it is easy to cause fry losses. When using mechanical harvesting, attention should be paid to adjusting the locomotive travel speed and the speed of the threshing drum to reduce the breakage rate. Harvesting is best carried out in the morning or evening. It is strictly prohibited to operate under the hot sun to avoid mechanical frying and reduce the field loss rate.
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