Half a year to eat six thousand eggs egg diet error

A South Korean woman, Xu Zhiyuan, eats raw eggs for three meals a day. He actually eats 6,000 eggs within six months and loses 13 kilograms.

Xu Zhiyuan revealed that she usually eats 10 raw eggs for breakfast. At noon, she does not eat egg yolks and only eats protein. At dinner, she adds nutrient supplements to raw eggs and swallows after biting. She stated that she had eaten 6,000 raw eggs in six months.

Xu Zhiyuan also stated that he would normally produce “egg ice tea” or put raw eggs into the freezer to make ice cream. She made snacks on the show site, but the host and the guests had difficulties in trying to eat.

Misunderstanding of eating eggs to lose weight

The wrong way to eat a: eat unripe eggs

Eggs contain avidin, which affects the absorption of biotin in foods and causes the body to have symptoms of loss of appetite, general weakness, and muscle pain. Antitrypsin in eggs affects protein digestion and absorption. In the unripened eggs, these two substances are not decomposed, so the eggs that are eaten are difficult to digest and absorb, resulting in loss of appetite and indigestion. If a large amount of protein accumulates, it will turn into a nasty fat. Therefore, eggs must be cooked before eating.

The wrong way to eat 2: eat more than 2 eggs a day

Eating more than 2 eggs a day can easily lead to over-nutrition. Eggs contain large amounts of cholesterol. Eating too much of the eggs will increase the intake of cholesterol and cause excessive levels of blood cholesterol, leading to obesity. Originally, the purpose of eating eggs was to supplement the body's must-have proteins. If too much food is eaten, it would cause excess nutrients and it would be self-evident to gradually gain weight.

The wrong way to eat three: the same food with milk

Eggs and soy milk will reduce the body's absorption of protein. Soymilk contains trypsin inhibitors, which can inhibit the activity of human proteases and affect the digestion and absorption of proteins in the human body. Egg albumen contains viscous proteins that can bind to trypsin in soy milk and cause decomposition of proteins. Reduce the body's absorption of protein. Over time, it will build up into fat, making you eat more fat.

The wrong way to eat four: cook with sugar

Cooking eggs and sugar will cause amino acids in egg proteins to form fructosyl-lysine conjugates. This substance is not easily absorbed by the body, it will accumulate in the stomach and make your belly more and more prominent.

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