Yuan Longping: "Golden Rice" is of no use to our country

A few days ago, Academician Yuan Longping came to the experimental point of super rice in the Huoshan County of Lu'an City. He was able to observe the rice field in the trial point and he was very happy to have a heavy rice ear. Although the actual output of the mu has not yet been announced, Yuan Longping also affirmed the work of the pilot site.

"After 80" get off the initiative to shake hands

At 5:15 pm on the 19th, Prof Yuan Longping, the father of "hybrid rice," who claimed to be "after 80", drove all the way to the high-yielding experimental point of super rice in Shenjiayu Village, Xiafuqiao Town, Huoshan County. This is Lu'an City. One of the demonstration points. The agricultural technical experts and agricultural technicians at all levels in the provinces, cities, counties and townships were waiting here early to prepare for the arrival of Yuan Jiashi.

After the door of the Chinese bus slowly opened, Yuansi stepped off the bike with a light footsteps and raised his hands to respond to the enthusiastic crowd. He especially remembered shaking hands with the agricultural professionals who were fighting at the attack point for months. He walked all the way, listened to the introduction of related personnel all the way, nodded.

Yuan Longping is here. Naturally, everyone will not miss the opportunity to pose for pictures with the “big names”. Although there were many people asking for a photo, several batches in a row, Academician Yuan still smiled and stood in the middle of the crowd, actively responding to everyone's requests.

Reducing the speed to answer questions from reporters

A few minutes later, Academician Yuan walked down Tian Hao and came to a point to test Tianbian. He picked up the heavy, yellow rice ears of superb rice, listened to the introduction of technical personnel and carefully observed, and from time to time raised some technical issues, please answer the agricultural experts.

"Not bad, not to mention 1,000 kilograms, and the whole country is not... There is only tens of meters above sea level here, and the temperature difference between day and night is very small. This situation can reach 800 kilograms already very good ..." Yuan Longping walked, Answering questions from reporters.

The reporter found that although he jokingly called himself "the post-80s," Yuan Academician, after all, was an old man of eighties. He kept walking and kept watching. The walking speed was a bit faster, and he spoke with a slight whine. However, Yuan Longping still seriously answered questions from reporters, not only reducing the speed of speech but also accompanied by gestures.

In addition to his speeches often accompanied by gestures, Academician Yuan Longping’s body language is also very rich, especially when he listens to reports—first with his hands on his back, and then he crosses his body and listens patiently. He hears pleasure and puts his hands behind his back.

"I was sowed on April 22." After hearing the commentator said this, Yuan Academician extended his right hand, picked up his fingers and calculated the period of growth.

Academician Yuan Commentary on "Golden Rice"

On the issue of the “golden rice” that made a lot of noises in China, the reporter asked the academician Yuan. Academician Yuan expressed his own opinion while walking: “The 'golden rice' genetically modified (problem) is right? It’s illegal to get it in Hunan and take this small field for experiment... Its output is only three or four hundred jins! What is the use in our country?"

Academician Yuan had only left for about 30 minutes since he arrived at the Huoshao Super Rice offensive. However, for a short time, he left a deep impression on the field personnel.

Liu'an has many unfavorable factors

In the afternoon of the same day, before the Academician Yuan Longping arrived at the key point of Huoshan County, seven rice experts including Yang Huicheng, the chief agronomist of the Agricultural Machinery Promotion Center of our province, came to the scene of super-high-yield high-yield research and trial acceptance to carry out site acceptance work. At the time when the reporter closed the manuscript last night, the specific test results have not yet been announced.

In the production gap, Dr. Peng Yulin, the National Hybrid Rice Engineering and Technology Research Center, who is in charge of technical guidance in Lu'an City, analyzed several unfavorable factors encountered in this research.

Peng Yulin analyzed that the altitude of three attack points in Lu'an City is relatively low. The altitude of the experimental field in Shenjiawa Village, Xiaqiao Town, Huoshan County is only 63 meters above sea level. There are 380 meters, the two are very different; Secondly, Hunan Longhui last year's research super rice growth period of 158 days, while Huoshan super rice growth period is only 148 days.

In addition, Dr. Peng said that on July 26 this year, Huoshan's super rice began heading, but then caught up with three consecutive days of high-temperature weather, which is not conducive to seed rate. “This year's climate is not good, from August 3 to September. On the 13th, there was not a complete good weather, and long-term rain would lead to insufficient photosynthesis, and this year it also encountered 4 typhoon weatheres, all of which had adverse effects.”

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