Rose bud cutting technology

The single bud of the rose refers to only one latent bud on a cutting. Due to the short cutting tissue, the nutrients and water stored in the body are small, the operation should be careful and careful, can only be cut with a knife, can not be cut with a branch scissors. Application tools require disinfection, sterilization, and pest control. The soil is fully sun-dried, or high temperature, or insecticidal with insecticides. This method is mostly used for insufficient number of cuttings or introduction of varieties or new varieties to speed up reproduction.

(1) Cutting pruning:

According to a pinnate compound leaf, a latent bud, in the base of the leaf marks down 13 to 3 cm, the semi-lignified branches cut into a section, the part of the stem up the stem may be long or short according to the actual situation. When cutting, _ hold the sticks, hold the tool in one hand, in the selected position, vacate horizontally or slightly obliquely to cut one knife, avoid placing one side on a wooden board or other objects, and press down with a cutter. After completion, use a branch or leaf cutter to cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the small leaflet, immerse it in 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 1000 times for about 1 minute, and remove it immediately after cutting.

(2) cutting matrix: the efficacy and taboo of chrysanthemum tea

Sandy loam, fine sand or building sand can also be used to add 3095^50% vermiculite. After mixing evenly, it can be filled into seedbeds, or flower pots, or shallow wooden boxes or seedlings, compacted and leveled, and poured with water. Use tools such as wooden sticks, bamboo sticks, or metal brazing tools that have a diameter larger than the diameter of the cuttings, and prick holes vertically in the soil surface. L is about W cm deep, and the base of the cuttings is placed in the hole. The latent buds and the base of the leaf shaft are basically horizontal or slightly deeper than the soil surface, but should not be too deep, and the base should be compacted around. The row spacing does not overlap with each other and does not affect each other.

After the cutting is completed, spray with a fine nozzle. When the container is cut, it is also possible to soak the soil with water soaking. Shade 40% to 50%. Spray water 4 to 5 times a day at the beginning and stop spraying at night. The natural temperature during the day is 24 to 28C, and rooting can take place within 20 to 30 days. After the rooting, gradually remove the shade, open the window to increase the ventilation, until most of the cuttings buds germinate and grow new branches, dig the seedlings or take off the colonization. Other reference greenhouse cutting propagation.

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