Do not lose weight fast to be thin

Dieting, but not speed

The French model Isabelle Carlo, who suffered from anorexia, died on November 17, 2080, at the age of 28. She had photographed a group of publicity advertisements against the theme of anorexia.

The facts have long proved that rapid dieting cannot stand up to the test of time. As long as the previous diet and living habits are restored, they will soon rebound. Just like the metaphor of Prof. Xuanzhong Xu, the director of the Department of Cardiology at the Temple of Heaven and the health education expert of the Ministry of Health, the reason for leaving your fat for short-term dieting is like going out for a holiday. Always come back.

But what's more serious is that thin dieting can also cause anorexia and even death. If the original intention of slimming is to be good for beauty and health care, if one suffers from anorexia, one of these two goals will not be achieved.

Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is an eating disorder characterized by deliberate weight loss, caused by the patient's own creation and/or maintenance.

Anorexic people have a distorted understanding of their body image. They are obviously very thin, but they still worry about gaining weight; they voluntarily fast, induce vomiting, take laxatives, diuretics, etc., and exercise excessively to lose weight. The patient is usually adolescent woman, and her weight is often at least 15% below normal. Many women with anorexia may have amenorrhea, and if it is pre-adolescent, it may lead to growth retardation or stagnation.

The consequences of anorexia and other forms of hunger, will make people lose muscle tissue, reduce the basal metabolic rate, but also make myocardial tissue become weak and delicate, causing abnormal heart rate, ventricular contraction, many anorexia patients die from the heart disease.

In addition, persistent hunger can also lead to a significant reduction in brain cells (so mental workers need to be cautious about dieting), anemia, decreased immune function, and digestive function may tend to stagnation, slow gastric emptying, reduced intestinal surface area, and even vitamins Can not absorb it.

Although the social pressure of being skinny is the main cause of neurological eating disorders, most experts agree that anorexia is the result of multiple factors. Apart from social and cultural factors, there are psychological factors and neurotransmitters in the brain. The change also has a certain relationship.

Thin, slow is king

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