Straw silage

Straw is everywhere in rural areas, but today's rural conditions are too much compared to previous years. More people are willing to spend money to buy off-the-shelf feeds to feed livestock, so that true nutrient straw is not used as herbivores. For feed, 70% or more of the straw is abandoned. Only a small percentage of people understand that ordinary straw silage is used to feed straw into silage for livestock. Ordinary silage is generally not easy to produce high-quality silage. Some additives must be added to ensure the quality of silage. Use silico silage The feed fermentation auxiliaries produced silage has a higher success rate than conventional silage. The appearance, color, taste, odor, bacterial protein, crude protein, and nutrient conversion rate of the feed are greatly improved in all aspects, and the quality is better. better.

Many microorganisms are attached to the straw and are divided into microorganisms that are beneficial to silage, such as lactic acid bacteria, and microorganisms that are unfavorable to silage, such as spoilage bacteria. Corrupt bacteria will quickly die in an oxygen-deficient and acid-containing environment, and beneficial to silage. Lactic acid bacteria can grow under conditions of hypoxia, moist and sugary conditions. In the first 2-3 days of silage, various microorganisms compete for oxygen. During the 2-3 weeks of oxygen depletion, lactic acid bacteria multiply and produce large amounts of lactic acid. Corruption bacteria In the anoxic and acidic environment, it will soon die. With the increase of acid content, the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria will gradually weaken until it is completely stopped. Silage is basically made. As long as there is no oxygen and the acidic environment remains unchanged, silage can be preserved for a long time. For lactic acid bacteria to multiply, must meet the following conditions:

1, silage raw materials must have a certain amount of sugar, such as more sugary corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, sweet potato soup.

2. The moisture content of the silage raw materials should be moderate, and it is most suitable at 60% to 75%.

3, the temperature should be 19 degrees to 37 degrees.

4. Compact the raw materials to maintain an oxygen-deficient state.

Silage raw materials must have a certain amount of sugar, such as corn stover, rice straw, wheat straw, sweet potato amaranth, and many other green manure grasses that contain more sugar can be used as silage. We use 1 ton of goldfish starter for 5 tons of silage material. The gold babe silage fermentation aid with rice bran (wheat bran or corn flour) in proportion of about 1:10 dilution, spray water, material moisture adjusted to 60-70%, standby. Whether the water is suitable or not is judged by the method: grab a handful of material, see the water does not drip, the floor can disperse. The moisture content of the silage material was adjusted to 60-70%, and then the cellar was started. With the stepping on, while loading the raw materials, the fermented fungicide was sprayed, and each time was loaded with 30 cm or so, especially when the edge was stepped on. The better. Fill the whole cellar as much as possible.

The addition of Golden Baby Fermenting Agent is not the same as not increasing, silage plus fermentation agent can quickly consume the oxygen of the silage, form an anaerobic environment, inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, make silage easy to succeed, and fast, reduce due to improper operation Caused by the material, manpower, time and other major losses and waste. Feeding cattle and horses with these feeds has solved the difficulty of household feed sources. The livestock and poultry manure has been used as a farmyard manure after being piled up. The application of these fertilizers to the field has increased the amount of organic manure and reduced the purchase of chemical fertilizers. The expenditures have maintained the fertility of the soil and formed a virtuous circle of funding and ecology. For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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