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Guangxi Yulin Drug City June 13 News Ginger Market Small batches of goods to go smooth, the market is relatively stable, powder ginger a price of 18.5 yuan up and down, because this year's planting area is not small, so businesses are not optimistic about the market outlook.

The recent supply of light bamboo leaves is slow to move, and the price changes are not so big. The EC goods price is between 5-5.5 yuan.

The shipment volume at Haishu Port is small, and the market price is still strong. Now the price of big goods is 11-15 yuan, and the price of medium goods is 9-10 yuan. The price of small goods is 5.5-6 yuan.

Tooth soap has been flat and the volume of transactions in the market is small. At present, the EC goods price is between RMB 45-50. Since the product is very exclusive, there are not many retail investors.

There is little supply of blood charcoal market, the market is relatively stable, EC goods price is about 22 yuan, and the market outlook is stable.

Attachment: The recent dry price situation of various drug markets ginger, small batch sources of supply smooth, the recent goods 17-18 yuan. Yulin Pharmaceutical City 2012-01-13

The price rises, ECB 19-20 yuan. Yulin Medicine Market 2011-12-12

The market moves around sporadically, ECS 26.5-27 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-27

EC goods 26.5-26.8 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-18

Ginger, high-quality compound goods 27-28 yuan. Yulin Medicine Market 2011-10-08

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