For the first time, Taiwan has become the largest market for aquatic products at Dongshan Port

In recent days, another 320 tons of aquatic products have been shipped to Taiwan from the Dongshan Port. According to the Dongshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Taiwan has become the first largest export destination for aquatic products at the Dongshan Port for the first time. From January to May this year, the total weight of aquatic products exported to Taiwan through the trade reached 17,000 tons and the export value was 190 million US dollars. Compared with the same period of last year, the growth rate was 5.7% and 27%. In May, the weight of aquatic products exported to Taiwan was 4,251 tons, and the export value was 59.85 million US dollars, up by 10% and 35% respectively year-on-year; the growth rate was 23% and 49% respectively; Values ​​exceed the sum of ASEAN and the United States, which are ranked second and third.

“The increase in the export of aquatic products to Taiwan at the Dongshan Port has contributed to the inspection and quarantine bureau!” Wang Afa, a Taiwan businessman who has long been engaged in the trade of aquatic products across the Taiwan Strait, said that since the beginning of this year, the Dongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has given full play to the advantages of port-to-Taiwan location to Taiwan. The structure, characteristics, and varieties of aquatic products have been thoroughly investigated and comprehensively analyzed, and they have taken the initiative to help Taiwanese businesses and aquatic product processing and export companies to actively expand the Taiwan market and continue to grow bigger and stronger. The Bureau ardently guided and supported key enterprises such as Shanghai Haikui, Shunfa, and Xinfu, and built export industrial clusters to Taiwan, realizing a new transformation of aquatic products from rough processing, raw material processing to deep processing, and high added value; Chuangyou has formed nearly 100 kinds of marketable products such as frozen foods, preserved foods, canned foods, fish and fishery products, health foods, and tourism foods. It has increased its competitiveness in the Taiwan market and expanded its export trade to Taiwan.

In order to help export enterprises solve the problem of inadequate raw materials for marine fishing during the fishing season, Dongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau introduced new supervision and service measures for raw materials for aquatic products. It also performed evaluation and inspection and supervision of the processing and exportation of semi-finished products of aquatic product companies for acquisition; and strengthened analysis of the Taiwan market. The investigation and guidance will guide enterprises to use local aquaculture products such as abalone and white shrimp for deep processing and promote the growth of aquaculture products from Taiwan.

Dongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau also used the opportunity of issuing ECFA preferential origins to implement the “one-for-one” method of handling the certificate of origin, and shortened the registration investigation time from four days for the newly applied aquatic products exports to Taiwan to five. One working day improved the enthusiasm of enterprises for exporting to Taiwan. At the same time, it implements "rapid inspection and quarantine, rapid release and rapid testing" for aquatic products exported to Taiwan, providing "no holidays", "all-weather", 24 hours visa appointments, and 12 quality service measures along with signing. As a result, Taiwan has become Dongshan Port's largest export destination for aquatic products.

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