How to use urea feed properly

1. The amount of urea should not exceed 1/3 of the total nitrogen requirement and not exceed 1% of the dry matter in the diet.

2. Because urea has good hygroscopicity, it can easily be decomposed into ammonia and cannot be fed alone or dissolved in water. You cannot drink water for 2 hours after feeding.

3. urea poor palatability, it is best to add in the mixed concentrate feed or with starch feed, salt and other mineral feed made of urea mineral feed mash brick, for cattle licking, reduce the intake rate.

4. When urea is added to the feed, the bean cake cannot be fed at the same time, because the raw soybean cake contains urease, and in the presence of water, the decomposition of urea is accelerated, resulting in loss.

5. Feeding the total amount of urea fed several times a day is beneficial to stabilize the concentration of ammonia in the rumen and avoid waste or poisoning. Although urea is a good protein supplement, it can provide cattle with nitrogen, but it cannot provide other nutrients. Therefore, when using urea to supplement protein, it must be supplemented with energy, minerals, and vitamins. In order to receive the desired effect.

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