Sunflower Field Development Management Technical Proposal

1. Reasonably top-dressing. From flower bud to flowering stage, 150 kg urea fertilizer is applied per hectare, about 15 cm from the root, ditch application or hole application, 0.2%-0.4% potassium dihydrogen phosphate is sprayed at full flowering stage, depending on growth, chase one or two times. Times.

2. Snoring and leaf protection. When branches appear, they should be promptly removed so that nutrients can be concentrated on the main stem disk to ensure that the particles are full and full. The snoring should be done early, playing small and playing thoroughly. When snoring, it should be taken care not to damage the plants. In the production of sunflowers, it should not be beaten. Care should be taken to protect the leaves, especially the upper leaves of the plants.

3. Assistant pollination. Artificial pollination time should be more than 70% of the whole field of sunflower plant flowering, single flowering 2 to 3 days after the first pollination, after every 3 days, a total of pollination 2 to 3 times. The pollination time every day should be after the morning dew disappears until 11 am. If you can't finish in the morning, you can do it after 3pm. Artificial pollination can be pollinated by the "puff-powder" method, ie, using a cardboard or plastic board, cotton, and clean gauze to make a "puff child", and gently touching the faceplate in turn.

4. Strengthen pest control. The diseases that often occur in sunflower production mainly include sunflower sclerotinia and downy mildew, and the pests are mainly sunflower pods. The prevention and treatment of sunflower sclerotinia can be performed with the medicaments such as quick-drying, nongrilling, and oryzamil. Prevention and control of sunflower downy mildew can choose Kelu, Precle, anti-virus drugs and other agents for prevention and treatment. Prevention and control of sunflower pods can be controlled with Bt emulsion or Trichogramma in the field.

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