Hot and sour cucumber, radish dry processing technology

1. The most expected formula: Ingredients - 5000 grams of fresh cucumber. Ingredients - 250 grams of garlic, red pepper 500 grams, 250 grams of white wine, 250 grams of salt, pepper 25 grams, 250 grams of coriander.

Processing method: Wash the fresh cucumber and drain it for use. Garlic, red pepper, and parsley were chopped and chopped to the size of rice. Stir well with white wine, pepper, and salt. With a large jar of pickled vegetables, put a layer of cucumber that is evenly sprinkled with a layer of ingredients, put layers of compaction, the upper layer of the last layer of ingredients, and then cover the mouth of the altar for about 3 days. Then open the mouth of the altar and pour the cold water to submerge the cucumber and cover it with an altar mouth. When the brine is thrown into a white flower, you can take it out and sell it.

Processing points: The altar mouth should be sealed with water or other net materials; the production process must not be contaminated.

Features: Sour and spicy, crispy and delicious.

2. Spicy radish dry processing technology

Raw material formula: Ingredients - 5000 grams of white radish. Ingredients - 500 grams of red chili powder, 150 grams of white wine, about 1,000 grams of salt.

Processing method: Wash the white radish, cut into strips of about 15 centimeters in length, about 4 centimeters in width, and about 3 centimeters in the thickest part. Spread them on a bamboo basket (or put them on a piece of cotton thread and put them together). On bamboo rafts), drying in the sun into a dry strip, the less water the better. Place the dried white radish in a bamboo basket and rub it with salt. After the remainder of the radish overflows, sprinkle the red pepper powder evenly, then squeeze it into a jar or a jar and pour it into the liquor. Stamped seal. The radish is preserved for about 20 days, and it can be taken out when there is a thick aroma.

Processing points: Dry daikon radish until the fresh radish shrinks to about 1/4 of the original volume; the brewing system should be uniform.

Features: Spicy crisp, very refreshing appetizer.

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