Breast cancer is closest to "Who"

The cause of breast cancer has not yet been determined, and may be related to the following factors: Genetic factors: The clinical data of a family history survey show that the incidence of breast cancer with family history is higher than that without family history. Especially in patients with bilateral breast cancer and younger age of onset, the risk of breast cancer in these women is 9 times that of normal women, which may be related to genetic factors, which makes them susceptible to breast cancer and internal causes of disease.

Menarche and menopause ages: menarche age and menopause age are related to breast cancer incidence. Menarche ages earlier than 13 years are 2.2 times the risk of onset of menarche age greater than 17 years; menopause age is greater than 55 years is less than 45 years old The risk increases by 1 time.

Fertility factors: The incidence of breast cancer increases with the age of first birth. For example, the incidence of breast cancer before the age of 20 in the first birth is only 1/3 of those born after the age of first birth.

Breast-feeding: Breast-feeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer, and the longer the time of first breast-feeding, the lower the risk of disease.

Estrogen and contraceptives: Hormones play an important role in the pathogenesis of breast cancer. Long-term use of contraceptives and the relationship between estrogen and breast cancer are still being studied.

Dietary factors: high-fat diet and breast cancer have a certain relationship, with the change in dietary habits, high fat food intake increased, the incidence of breast cancer in urban women in our country gradually increased, especially in some major cities, female breast cancer The incidence rate has been equal to that of Europe and the United States.

Obesity: obese women after menopause have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, elderly women should have proper weight control, eat less meat, fried eggs, butter, cheese and animal fat.

Breast benign diseases: benign breast disease refers to breast lobular hyperplasia and breast fibroids, and its relationship with breast cancer remains to be studied. However, clinical observations have shown that women with benign breast disease have increased chances of developing breast cancer.

Radiation: Radiation has a clear relationship with the occurrence of breast cancer. Among the survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bombing in Japan, the proportion of breast cancers has increased significantly. Children who have received chest radiotherapy during childhood and adolescents have an increased chance of developing breast cancer after they grow up.

Drugs: Some drugs such as antihypertensive drugs reserpine, phenthiazole, and steroid drugs have the effect of increasing the prevalence of breast cancer, but the specific reason is not yet clear.

Other factors: The body's immune function is low, so that the immune function of anti-cancer factors is inhibited; and the breast has a stimulatory stimulus, smoking, drinking, etc. are all factors susceptible to breast cancer.

In short, the cause of breast cancer is not very precise. In our daily lives, we should reduce pollution, reduce contact, keep away from carcinogenic sources as much as possible, make our lives more laughter, and make our body healthier.

Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass Grating

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