Prevention of Respiratory Disease in Winter Layers

Since entering the winter, chickens in many chicken farms have experienced respiratory symptoms such as coughing, shaking their heads, snoring, etc., accompanied by white or green stools, and require comprehensive treatment to achieve a better therapeutic effect.

The susceptible chickens mainly invade layers of 150 to 240 days old laying hens and 20 to 40-day-old hens. Although chickens of other ages are also susceptible to infection, the symptoms are not very obvious. The main clinical manifestation is that the egg laying rate of laying hens is reduced. Mild respiratory symptoms.

At the initial stage of clinical symptoms, the eggshell color became lighter, and soft shell or brown eggs appeared. The egg production rate did not change, and then one or more chickens coughed or sneeze. If the treatment is not timely, it will spread within 2 to 3 days. In the whole group, chickens showed symptoms such as loss of appetite and apathy, and then the rate of egg production decreased. Some egg production rates decreased by more than 50%, and white or green feces were discharged.

Symptoms of necropsy The cecum, tonsillar hemorrhage, duodenal and small intestine were a little bit like bleeding, there was no obvious change in the glandular stomach, the follicles appeared black bloodshot or ruptured, and some of the corona fat had bleeding points.

The treatment is aimed at the current status of abnormal climate change. First of all, fever is eliminated, salpingitis caused by fever, and follicular rupture are eliminated to maximize the protection of the reproductive system; Chinese medicine Jingfen Baidu Powder and Qingtanbaidu Powder are weighed in the range of 0.5 to 1 g/only. Mixed feed treatment, if the intake is reduced, you can use juice to drink water, slag and mixed feed for treatment; with the use of amoxicillin, astragalus polysaccharides and other water treatment, reduce symptoms and increase resistance; add immediately after the chickens resume normal feeding Egg-enhancing drugs and cod liver oil make it possible to resume egg production as soon as possible.

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