Cage Astragalus Breeding Experience

With the adjustment of aquaculture structure, the breeding of astragalus has gradually been recognized by a large number of farmers. In 2009, Yangchunshui, Fanji Town, Chuzhou District, Huai'an City, will rebuild the waste river ponds after its own houses, and then carry out net cage culture of astragalus. A total of nearly 900 square meters of cage cultured astragalus and the acquisition of Huangqi holdings, in the beginning of November that year, all the cages in the cage began to be listed (about 500 grams / 400 kg, 250 grams / tail 700 kg, 200 grams / tail 900 kilograms) to create a production value of 80,000 yuan and a net profit of 40,000 yuan. Its breeding techniques are as follows:

Pre-breeding preparation Individual cage area is generally 20 to 100 cubic meters, which is too large to be managed. Disinfect the seedlings with alum or bleach in about 10 days before putting them on.

Seedlings choose the best selection of Huangpi seedlings artificially cultivated and through the domestication of the deep yellow or large-spotted golden blister, these species of jaundice fast growth, disease resistance rate, the size of the seedlings of the scutellaria 50 to 80 / kg It is appropriate. In addition to the size of jaundice should be kept separate, to prevent the lack of feed each other when the killing, the pond stocking density to 1 ~ 1.5 kg / cubic meter is appropriate.

After feeding the seeds, the seedlings of Astragalus membranaceus were not fed in the first 3 days. The astragalus was adapted to the environment and domesticated and fed from the 4th day. The feed effect was best around 7:00 pm every day. In order to reduce costs, it is also possible to feed some broken snails, crickets, and mealworms.

Breeding management The growth season of Astragalus is from April to October. From May to September, it is necessary to observe the pond and observe carefully the feeding conditions, growth status, and holes in cages so as to take corresponding measures in time. Keep the pool fresh and the water level suitable. In addition, in the cage should be timely release of water peanuts or water lotus, summer shade, to avoid predators and so on.

In the process of astragalus membranaceus cultivation in the prevention and treatment of astragalus diseases, disease prevention, disease early treatment, and bleaching powder are often used.

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