What is the difference between pilot operated and direct acting pressure reducing valves?

The pressure reducing valve adopts the opening degree of the opening and closing member in the control valve body to adjust the flow rate of the medium, reduces the pressure of the medium, and adjusts the opening degree of the opening and closing member by the action of the pressure behind the valve, so that the pressure behind the valve is maintained within a certain range. In the case of constant changes in import pressure, keep the outlet pressure within the set range and protect the subsequent production tools.

When the output pressure of the pressure reducing valve is high or the diameter is large, the pressure is directly adjusted by the pressure regulating spring, the spring stiffness is inevitably too large, and when the flow rate changes, the output pressure fluctuates greatly, and the structural size of the valve also increases. In order to overcome these disadvantages, a pilot operated pressure reducing valve can be employed. The working principle of the pilot type pressure reducing valve is basically the same as that of the direct acting type.

The pressure regulating gas used in the pilot type pressure reducing valve is supplied by a small direct acting pressure reducing valve. If the small direct acting pressure reducing valve is installed inside the valve body, it is called the internal pilot type pressure reducing valve; if the small direct acting pressure reducing valve is installed outside the main valve body, it is called the external pilot type pressure reducing valve. .

Compared with the direct-acting pressure reducing valve, the valve increases the nozzle baffle enlargement composed of the nozzle 4, the baffle 3, the fixed orifice 9 and the air chamber B. When the interval between the nozzle and the baffle changes slightly, the pressure in the B chamber changes significantly, causing the diaphragm 10 to have a large displacement, moving up and down the control spool 6 to advance The valve port 8 is opened or closed, and the sensitivity to the control of the spool is improved, that is, the voltage regulation accuracy is improved.

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