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Hebei Anguo Pharmaceutical City, December 18th Bulletin The market of Gan Xia Banxia has been moving unhappily recently and the price is stable. The Gansu cargo market sells for about RMB80.

The recent transaction volume of Hawthorn tablets is not large, the price is stable, and the market coordinating film price is about 5 yuan.

There are many Gongju buyers, and the market is moving steadily. The price is steady and firm, and the market price is between 65-75 yuan.

The windbreak is not moving fast and the price is stable. The market is not the same as the Han Dynasty. The price is between 14-24 yuan.

In order to keep the supply of small batches smooth, the market is priced at 65-70 yuan.

Attachment: The prices of dry and semi-summer prices in various drug markets in the near future have been Pinellia ternata, and those in Shanxi have reached 65-70 yuan. Anguo Medicine City 2011-11-14

Price 70-74 yuan. Luzhou Drug Market 2011-11-03

The price fell, Gansu goods between 75-78 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-11-03

The price continued to decline, and the supply of goods in the market went smoothly. It is now about 110 yuan for wild animals and about 90 yuan for homes. Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical City 2011-08-25

In the dry Pinellia, the price is gradually reduced, home ownership is about 95 yuan, and Guizhou is about 115 yuan. Zhangzhou Medicine Market 2011-08-01

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