Who stole your output?

Each mu of peanut can produce 1200-1400 kg; 800-1200 kg per mu of cotton; 8000-10000 kg per mu of potato; 2000-2500 kg of corn per mu. However, why most of our land has not achieved the above output. After reading the following information, it is not difficult for you to find the answer you need.

The plant is like a factory that produces agricultural products. Light is the power needed to start the machine. The CO2 in the air and the water we use to make and the fertilizer we use are the necessary raw materials for making agricultural products. The quantity and quality of raw materials determine the output and quality of agricultural products.

Under normal conditions, light and moisture are sufficient. Problems often appear in the supply of raw materials. People's concept of fertilizing heavy light manure fertilizer, light nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium light and trace elements makes the raw materials of plant factories extremely unreasonable, and has increasingly serious trends. The phenomena of acidification, compaction, and fertility decline in a large area of ​​cultivated land have caused phenomena such as reduced yield, deteriorated quality, degraded varieties, severe crop damage, and aggravated physiological diseases.

According to the statistics of the World Cotton Organization, FAO: As a result of the global shortage of crops, the annual output reduction of crops accounts for more than 37% of the total crop output. Experts in agriculture and ecology strongly urge that the supplementation of trace elements should not be delayed!

Traditionally, trace elements mostly belong to heavy metal elements, which are difficult to be directly absorbed and utilized by plants. Only a variety of elements are scientifically compatible, and the “pharmaceutical primer” that promotes their absorption is used for polyaspartic acid to be truly absorbed by crops. Zhongwei Power, high boron, high potassium, high calcium, high zinc, contains more than 10 kinds of crop scarce elements, especially added to promote the absorption of trace elements in the "medicinal primer" polyaspartic acid and rare earth elements. Phosphorus, potassium, can greatly increase the absorption and utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Lock crop loss output, detonate crops to increase production limits, start from the China-Victory!

The effect and effect of different types of crops on the use of dynamic forces:

Peanuts use medium-dimensional force, peanuts have more flowering and more needles; double-grain and three-fruits increase; leaf thick green hypertrophy, photosynthetic products, high anti-virus, no deciduous, no fruit drop, no premature aging, generally increase production by 30% the above.

Potatoes use medium-dimensional power to enhance photosynthesis, rapid accumulation of dry matter, rapid tuber enlargement and high yield.

The use of medium-dimensional dynamics of watermelon, plant growth robust, cold resistance, drought resistance, heat resistance, low temperature, effectively prevent the occurrence of yellow wilt and virus. Fruit enlargement is fast, color change is early, sugar content is high, and it matures 7-15 days earlier.

Wheat uses medium-dimensional power, wheat has more tillers, grows better, returns to early morning, and has fast filling. Significantly increase the lodging resistance of wheat, high resistance to dry heat, increase grain weight, and increase production by 150-250 pounds per mu.

The use of medium-dimensional force in corn, early emergence of seedlings, seedlings, seedlings and strong, effective prevention of corn white seedling disease, dwarfing disease, the occurrence of yellow streaks. Corn is not empty stalks, not bald, large rods with large shafts and high yields.

Apple uses medium-dimensional power to effectively prevent the occurrence of apple lobular diseases, viral diseases, facial diseases, and shrinkage diseases. Expand the root system, rejuvenate the tree vigor, make the fruit tree more flowering, more fruitful, promote bud germination, prevent the size of the year.

Pear trees use medium-dimensional power to prevent the occurrence of yellow leaves, red leaves, leaflets, fallen leaves, etc., promote new roots, rejuvenate tree vigor, balance nutrition, and promote absorption. Effectively prevent the occurrence of pears, red plows, roots, dead branches, dead trees.

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