Sweet Potato Jumping Blindness

The scientific name Halticus minutus Reuter is from the order Hemiptera, Lepidoptera. Also known as black leaping crickets, peanut leaping crickets, commonly known as sweet potato eggs. Distributed in Shaanxi, Henan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Taiwan, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces.

Host sweet potatoes, radish, cabbage, beans, peanuts, cucumber, loofah, Rong dishes, kidney beans, soybeans, eggplant and so on.

Injury characteristics, nymphs sucking old leaf sap, the victim appeared gray-green dots.

Morphological characteristics Adult body length 2.1mm, width 1.1mm, oval body, black, brown short hair. Head black, smooth, flashing; eye protrusion, connected to the front of the chest, high cheek, equal to or slightly larger than the eye width; tan brown, base red, black end, reach the base of the hind foot; antennae slender, tan, The first section is enlarged, the second section is nearly equal to the front edge of the leather piece, and the third half and the fourth section are brown. The thoracodorsal plate is short and wide, the leading edge and lateral edge are straight, and the posterior edge of the back plate is curved. Small scutellum is an equilateral triangle. The front fins are short and wide, and the front edge is curved into a curved shape; the wedges are small and long triangles; the diaphragm is smoke-colored and is longer than the end of the abdomen. Feet yellowish brown to dark brown. The hind leg section is particularly thick, with an inside bend, a brownish brown section, and a brownish base. The abdomen is dark brown with brown hairs. The egg is banana-shaped, with light green color and pink color. The nymph begins to hatch pink, then grayish-brown, with purple spots; the hind legs are purple-brown, with different shades.

Life habits are born 9 years old in Hunan. Eggs are wintering in the host tissues. Eggs are produced on the sides of the veins. They are partially exposed. The eggs cover often have faeces. They overlap for generations. They hatch in mid-May, and they first harm cowpeas and eggplants. , Chinese cabbage, etc., in late May, injurious potato, from late May to late July, second generation from June to late August, three generations from July to late September, four generations from mid-August to late October, Five generations occur from mid-May to early December. The interior was fed with cool potato leaves for two generations, egg period 9 days, nymph period 12.7 days, adult period 40 days, pre-spawning period 3 days, spawning period 18 days, generation period 24.7 days, average spawning With 38 grains, eggs can be laid without copulation. This insect lively jumps and likes to infest a vegetable field with high humidity. In August, it does not take food during the hot season.

Prevention and control methods (1) The phoxim, thosban, dimethoate and trichlorfon were tested for their strong virulence. More than 85% of them died after 24 hours. The efficacy of deltamethrin was not high; 50 were available for production. % phoxim EC 1500 times liquid spray, anti-effect up to 85% -90%, every 10 days or so, even twice to prevent. The drug was stopped 7 days before harvest. (2) Utilization of natural enemies, parasitic egg parasitoids Anagrus optabilis (Perkins) parasitic rate of 13%, blind-spotted black bees Telenomus sp. The parasitic rate is also high.

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