Leaf vegetable fertilization technology

Leaf vegetable fertilization technology

The production of leafy vegetables is inseparable from fertilizers. Good or bad fertilization can also play a good role in preventing and treating diseases. For example, leafy vegetables have more pests and diseases, and the treatment is very difficult. The use of chemical methods (pesticides) is relatively easy to control, and has quick results, but it affects the quality of vegetables, and has great harm to the health of consumers. The use of cultivation methods (mainly rational fertilization) for prevention and control is an effective way to produce pollution-free vegetables. In addition to the basic fertilization methods, special attention should be paid to the following two points when producing pollution-free vegetables:

(1) Fully fermented organic fertilizer. The production of "green" vegetables should be dominated by organic fertilizer and less fertilizer. When using organic fertilizer as base fertilizer or top dressing, special attention should be paid to the fact that the organic fertilizer must be fully cooked, and it is best to use professional starter (such as gold A baby starter) for treatment. This will not only reduce the loss of nutrients, but also completely eliminate harmful bacteria, eggs, and other harmful substances in organic fertilizers and solve the source of diseases and insect pests.

(2) Apply high-quality fungus fertilizer. Biological bacterial fertilizer not only contains a large number of nitrogen-fixing, phosphate-solubilizing, and potassium-releasing active bacteria, but also contains organic matter, humic acid, and trace elements, and can be applied in combination with other fertilizers in any fertilizer-demand period of vegetables. High-quality fungus fertilizers, such as gold A baby bacteria fertilizer, can not only save the amount of fertilizer used, but also can enhance the pest resistance of vegetables and solve soil compaction problems.

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