Artificial hatching of meat pigeons

After the eggs are fed every morning, the egg produced in the egg nest is gently removed and placed in a plastic basket to avoid touching the shell. At the same time, record the files of breeder egg production in order to establish a high-yielding, excellent breeder population. The collected pigeon eggs are placed in hatchery-specific egg trays, and sand shell eggs, misshapen eggs, and eggs that are too large and too small to hatch are selected.

Incubation determines the incubation time based on the number of pigeon eggs. When the quantity is large, it can be put in once a day. When the quantity is small, the egg can be stored in the incubator for a few days. Before the egg can be sent to the incubator, the incubator must be warmed for a period of time. Only when the desired temperature set point has been reached can the breeding pigeon eggs be hatched and marked with the date of insertion. The standard temperature for pigeon egg hatching is set at about 38.1°C, the humidity is set at 55%, and the control is between 50% and 60%. During hatching, the automatic turning of the egg is performed for 2 hours. The turning of the egg can be performed manually for 3 hours to 4 hours. When the hatching reaches the 5th day, eggs can be sorted out according to conventional rules. When hatching to the 10th day, take an egg again and pick out dead dead eggs and stillbirth eggs so as to prevent the broken eggs from breaking and contaminating the box and affecting the hatching effect of the whole box.

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