Spring planting fruit trees watering and keeping seedlings

When planting fruit trees in the spring, scientific watering is an important part of improving the survival rate. The specific methods are:

First, dip root water before planting

Followed by planting drowning water. With potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.1 kilograms, fine clay 7.5 kilograms, 7.5 kilograms of fresh water mix into a thin paste, roots planted after 5 minutes; field purchase seedlings dip root water. Purchase seedlings from the field in addition to transport attention to preservation, the return should be immediately after soaking the roots with water, soaking time is about half of the lifting time, when planting still mash.

Second, reserve water when planting

When the seedlings are planted in the lower pit, they are filled with glass water bottles or canned bottles, filled with eight clean water, and a large root of the seedlings is inserted into the water, and the sealed bottle mouth is buried with the soil.

Third, after planting 3 times water, timely watering planting water

1. The test results showed that the survival rate of irrigation on the day of planting was 98%, the survival rate of irrigation on the second day was 60%, and the survival rate on irrigation on the third day was only 47%.

2, germination and then poured water germination. In spring, the air is dry, and the young roots of newly planted seedlings are less. The large amount of water needed for germination is insufficient.

3, pumping should be guaranteed life water. Although the seedlings survived after entering the summer, the seedling root system was not completely formed. With the gradual warming of the weather, the amount of evaporation increases. At this time, the seedlings are worthy of the formation of lateral roots and the growth period of the main branch requires a lot of nutrients and moisture.

The difference between the taste of purple Onion and yellow onion
  Purple onions and yellow onions also have a big difference in taste. Purple onions have a lighter spicy taste and a slightly sweet taste. They can be eaten raw, but the yellow onions are particularly spicy. They cannot be eaten raw and are suitable for frying. Eat after making or making soup. In addition, the purple onion has relatively thick flesh and high juice content, while the yellow onion has very thin flesh quality and low juice content.


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