Some green grass cannot feed rabbits

Tests and practices have shown that some grasses and wild herbs cannot be used to feed rabbits to avoid poisoning.

First, under no circumstances can you feed the following poisonous grasses and wild herbs: potato pods, tomato pods, larch, nasturtium, pasqueflower, deciduous azaleas, wild ginger, delphinium, ramie, ragweed, aconite, zebra drunkard , black fairy, daytime fairy, belladonna, leeches, camelpool, datura flowers, wild grape vines, wolf poison, scorpion and so on.

Second, some green grass and vegetables are fed to rabbits at a certain stage of growth and development, and it is easy to cause poisoning. For example: yellow, white flowers and wood lice in the bud flowering toxic, can not feed rabbits; buckwheat, rapeseed toxic during flowering, can not feed rabbits; flax, crown and stems are toxic when mature, can not feed rabbits; potato sprouts feed rabbits Easy poisoning.

Third, breast-feeding female rabbits to colchicum, wet forest grass jade plum, medicinal Buglossa, sour sauce grass, wild onions, stinking camomile, arched mustard, reed tansy, celery, etc., after milk With an unpleasant odor, puppies can cause poisoning after eating.

The fourth is rice seedlings, sorghum seedlings, and the second-row sorghum seedlings regenerated in the autumn.

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