Non-pollution Tea Planting Essentials

In recent years, the international trade market has increased its quality requirements for China's tea (chasing new tea). Resolving pesticide residues is an urgent issue. To produce pollution-free tea (chasing new tea) and ensure a high quality organic food supply market, we must adopt the following five technical measures to sum up:

Strengthening tea garden management

Promoting the application of organic fertilizers in tea gardens. The base fertilizer is applied once in winter and the pre-germination fertilizer is applied before the spring tea. The relay fertilizer is applied once after the spring tea to prevent the tea tree from being undernutrition and affecting the quality of summer and autumn tea.

Emphasizing timely cultivating and weeding in order to loosen the soil, clean the tea garden, promote aerobic bacteria-microbiological activities, decompose humus content, help tea plants absorb effective nutrients, promote robust growth of tea plants, enhance tea stress resistance, and effectively prevent the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests .

Make use of the rich natural conditions of firewood on the edge of the tea area. A softer firewood was harvested before the spring tea, covered in tea bushes or between tea rows, which can prevent weed growth and reduce evaporation of water in the soil, and prevent autumn drought. After the grass rots, it will improve the structure of soil pellets and increase the fertility of the tea garden.

Do not spray pests without pesticides

Advocate the protection of natural enemies - beneficial insects, to achieve the purpose of insect pests. In the tea area research, tea farmers have reflected that spraying pesticides is good or bad, beneficial insects kill together, and the benefits are not satisfactory. Worryingly, there are different levels of pesticide residues in the finished product tea. This should be given great attention.

Fertilizer application

In countries with more scientifically developed countries, there are strict management systems. Because more fertilizers are used, it will lead to soil compaction and destroy the soil aggregate structure. This has affected the normal growth and development of tea trees to some extent, and the quality of tea (chasing new tea) will be inferior. Farmers wishing to replant fertilizers should apply farm organic fertilizers to ensure the quality of organic teas.

Optimize the ecological environment

Around the tea gardens, we should pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, especially to protect the windbreak forest belts, beneficial birds and animals in the forests in the northwest of the alpine tea gardens, and create a good environment for the production of tea (chasing new tea) from different angles.

In strict accordance with the technical specifications of different teas, picking and manufacturing

In particular, the machinery and equipment of the early and refined factories, as well as the places where the raw materials such as green leaves are piled up, must be clean and sanitary to prevent re-contamination of the manufactured products, so that the finished organic tea can meet the standards of color, smell, and taste, and it can be widely used. The Chinese praised Chinese tea (chasing new tea).

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