UTAS medical devices supported by ADI Blackfin processors

Analog Devices, Inc., the world's leading provider of high-performance signal processing solutions, recently announced that UTAS, a provider of patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment, has selected ADI Blackfin® processors to ensure high-performance digital UM 300 product lines Signal processing capabilities and robust features. The UM 300 is the latest portable patient monitor product from UTAS. Utilizing the Blackfin processor's superior performance, low power consumption, and flexible peripheral connectivity, as well as precision analog devices from ADI, UTAS delivers high performance, low cost, seamless signal chain connectivity, and a compact system package. .

“ Medical personnel need to use UTAS equipment to clearly understand patient-related data that enables them to make timely and informed patient care decisions,” said Valeriy Tkachenko, Technical Director of UTAS. “The core of our monitoring and diagnostic systems The Blackfin processor, which provides a powerful and flexible processor platform for our system design, enables our users to achieve unparalleled digital signal processing performance for accurate measurement of patient vital signs."

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