Five issues should be paid attention to feedstuffs for pigs

Pigs are rough-tolerant animals. Most of the roughage can be eaten, but the following five issues should be emphasized when feeding.

First, feed the pigs in summer to prevent rancidity. The rancid feed is fed to the pigs. After the pigs eat the light, they are in a state of weakness. They do not like to eat, affect the growth, and in severe cases, they also die of poisoning. Therefore, pigs cannot be fed with rancid feed. Summer should pay attention to the storage of feed, such as stored in a dry and ventilated place, now mixed with fresh, not long-term preservation should be used as soon as possible to prevent rancidity.

Second, distillers feed pigs should not be excessive. Distillers grains contain alcohol and acetic acid and are generally not suitable for overfeeding. Because a lot of feeding, not only easy to cause poisoning, but also because of the imbalance of nutrition contained in alcohol caused constipation. Normally, the normal dosage is not more than 50% of the daily feed amount, and some other feeds should be used to make up for the deficiency of nutrients. Pregnant sows and nursing sows should not feed vinasse.

Third, the leftovers of the remaining soup should be hygienic. It is more common for pig farmers to use leftovers to feed their pigs, but the remaining soup should not be fed to young pigs. Young pigs can easily induce diarrhoea; they are also unfavorable for feeding pigs; they are best used to feed fattening pigs, but they must be fed. Pay attention to hygiene, remove impurities before feeding, re-boil the leftovers, re-boil them and cool them before feeding to prevent poisoning and gastroenteritis.

Fourth, vegetable feed to pigs should be scientific. For vegetables and pigs, they all prefer to eat, but they must be scientific when they feed. Don't overdo it when you feed. Overdose can cause diarrhea or cause gastrointestinal problems. When cooking, please pay attention to methods. For example, beet leaves must be cooked to avoid producing nitrite and other substances to prevent poisoning after cooking.

Fifth, to use substitute feed to feed pigs must have a proportion. With the development of the feed market, some substitute feeds have replaced some of the grain feed. Such as feather powder, bone meal, all kinds of fine feed, full price feed, special feed, etc., must have a certain proportion in the feeding of pigs, scientific feeding, otherwise, there will be counterproductive consequences.

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