The hazards that tomato should pay attention to

In recent years, many farmers have used hormones such as booster hormones to control tomatoes. However, due to the improper use of booster, it will cause a series of negative effects. To this end, it is recommended that the control of tomato should be based on nutrition regulation, and care should be taken to prevent the following situations:

1.Pingding disease: As some peasant households increased the management of fertilizer and water and temperature, the fruit development was too fast, coupled with the uneven use of hormone spray, resulting in uneven development of various parts of the fruit, resulting in the formation of "green tip disease." Should take root cooling method to control. Specifically, when tomatoes grow the second and third ear young fruit, the application of biological organic fertilizer plus potassium sulfate compound fertilizer to open the ditch or hole promotes the growth of secondary roots, and cultivates the absorption capacity of sucking fertilizer, which lays a good foundation for the later growth stage.

2. Small fruit disease: Because the farmers use tomatoes (Zhongfeng Wang) at the seedling stage, the dosage is large and the time is late (usually in the "high-legged seedlings"). Although the plant height is controlled, the development of the ear is also inhibited. . This stage should adopt the "rooting strong seedling law." The specific approach is to use 500-800 times GAO organic humic acid active liquid fertilizer to root, 100 to 150 grams of liquid per plant, and spraying Wanchang plant growth promoter plus hymexazol or Greenhenge 1, to promote root development And improve disease resistance.

3. Fruit cracking: The use of auxinized chemical control can make the pericarp thicken and the pulp rapidly expands, thus forming "splitting fruit disease". To prevent this disease should be increased boron, calcium, cooling, specifically in the flowering period of tomato spray humic acid boron calcium 300 ~ 500 times or high Mei Shi 300 ~ 500 times the liquid, with small fertilizer flushing Zhuang root potassium treasure.

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