Feeding pigs must be "two defenses and two don'ts"

Preventing pigs from eating grass poisoning with pesticide residues to harvest weeds away from orchards and crop lands. If it is necessary to harvest these plots, it is necessary to know in detail the time of spraying and the drugs used in the plots. It must exceed the safety interval. Can be fed.

To prevent feed from mildew and metamorphosis, it is best to feed green feed in the summer. It is best to feed it side by side. If it is too much to use, it should be promptly put in a cool place. Otherwise, it will produce nitrite when pigs grow old. If you are light, you are prone to gastrointestinal problems, and those who are severe may die from poisoning.

Do not feed long-term single feed and overfeed green feed Although there are many advantages to feeding pigs, they cannot be fed alone due to incomplete nutrient content. At the same time, we must pay attention to not overfeeding, especially piglets, when feeding large green water diet, it must be limited to prevent excessive excrement of manure or other gastro-intestinal diseases.

Don't Cook and Feed Many breeders cook green fodder to feed pigs. This not only reduces the nutrients but also causes deterioration and poisoning. The correct method is: After the green feed is harvested, it is first washed and chopped or beaten, and then fed into the mixed feed directly to feed the pig. However, for the green feed with poor palatability or crude fiber, it is best to feed it after fermentation.

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