What are the physiological characteristics of meat duck

Newborn ducks have low body temperature, poor villus insulation performance, and weak ability to regulate body temperature. Body temperature often decreases with the decrease of the ambient temperature, and it is in the state of “temperature-changing animal”. Low temperature (below 25° C.) can easily cause a cold in meat ducklings or suffocation due to heating and compression. After 15 days of broiler ducklings, body temperature regulation function tends to improve, and body temperature begins to be constant. Therefore, during the brooding period, the broiler ducks should have a first-week-old shepherd temperature of more than 30°C, and then gradually decrease with increasing age. By the age of 15 days, the temperature can drop to about 20°C and be constant until slaughter. Freshly hatched broiler ducks have a 5-7 g yolk sac in their abdomen. The smaller the yolk sac, the weaker the constitution, and vice versa. If the newborn broiler duck gets the proper temperature and can drink water in time, the remaining yolk absorbs quickly. In addition, the yolk sac can provide early nutrition to ducklings. The broiler duck has a small crop and stomach volume, a short digestive tract, limited feed intake and storage, digestive function is not yet fully developed, and digestion is weak. However, fast growth and development of broiler ducks, in order to promote its growth and development, must provide highly nutritious and digestible feed. Due to the small and short digestive tract (about 60cm long, only 40% of the ducks), broiler ducks are more sensitive to hunger and thirst, so the feed needs to be fed less frequently and the drinking water continues to increase. Duck fork deep, wide esophagus, can eat larger food groups. There are many small nipples on the edge of the duck tongue. These nipples are staggered with the mouth plate and function as a filter, so the duck can feed on the water and grind the feed properly. The duck's stomach is well-developed, its internal pressure is high, and its digestive ability is strong. Grit is often stored in the stomach and stomach to aid digestion. 0.5%-1% of gravel should be added to the feed. Duck ducks have poor ability to regulate feeding and are bulimia. The first few days of shelling, such as feeding, can easily lead to bulging, causing indigestion and diarrhea. Attention must be paid to less feeding. However, after entering the fattening period after 3 weeks of age, it is necessary to adopt free feeding and free drinking water. Ducks are omnivorous and have a wide range of recipes and rarely eat selectively. The taste of ducks is not well-developed, and the palatability of feeds is not high. The ability to discriminate foreign bodies and foods is poor. Foreign bodies are often eaten as feed. Therefore, attention must be paid to the hygiene of feeds and litter to prevent moldy deterioration and foreign matter from mixing. Meat ducks like to eat pellet feed, do not like to eat fine and sticky feed. Ducks have innate ability to identify colors and prefer yellow feed. Ducks like to drink water in a blue sink, like cold water, do not want to drink more than body temperature water. Fast metabolism of meat ducks, food through the digestive tract about half of 4-5h excreted from the body, and the water is only half an hour. Because the feed passes through the digestive tract fast, the rate of defecation is high, and there are also more organics and nitrogenous substances that remain in the feces. Duck manure undergoes decomposition and decomposition, resulting in a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia. Therefore, duck dung must be removed regularly. Ducks have hi water, but commercial ducks are not suitable for swimming. Swimming can consume a lot of energy and reduce daily weight gain. Ducks like a dry habitat, and the wet environment is not conducive to winter insulation and heat dissipation in the summer, and abdominal feathers are often rotted off due to moisture and excrement contamination. Therefore, it is very important that the duck bedding be dry and hygienic. Ducks eat more, drink more water, and have the habit of eating by the side while drinking. In order to avoid contamination of drinking water and waste of feed, the distance between the material basin and the water basin should be more than 1m, and the middle duck stage should be more than 5m; drinking water The area requires good drainage and away from litter. In order to prevent the ducks from splashing, a net cover should be added to the basin. Meat ducks are frightened, noise, color, strangers, etc. often make meat ducks appear nervous, excitement, screaming and galloping phenomenon, resulting in reduced intake and weight loss, can also cause severe crushing and death. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the environment around the duck house quiet. To prevent the frightened and disturbed ducks at night, the duck group should use low-light lighting and fasten the light bulbs. Ducks are gregarious and like to live in groups, regardless of age. However, in order to ensure the uniformity of growth and development of ducks, the stocking density should not be too large, and 400-1000 individuals per group are appropriate. Meat ducks grow faster after 3 weeks of age, and breast meat and leg meat pile up quickly. Therefore, high-protein and high-energy full-priced feeds must be provided in the early stage. Although crude protein at the later stage may be lower, the energy must be increased. After 3 weeks of age, due to rapid weight gain, body weight, leg development often fails to follow, and prone to leg problems, the duck group should be rushed to move around every 2-3h.



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