What do you want to do during the peak period of laying hens?

In early pre-opening period, feeds should be switched to the peak of egg production in advance, and the nutrition of layer chickens should be appropriately increased, such as methionine, vitamin AD3, calcium and phosphorus, or dibasic calcium phosphate. Liquid multidimensional vitamins 100 should be added to drinking water to increase various nutrients in the body. Reserve.

Before and after the start of production, antibiotics such as ampicillin sodium and amoxicillin were regularly administered to reduce the occurrence of salpingitis.

A few days before the arrival of the peak period, continuous feeding of antiviral or immune enhancer drugs such as plant polysaccharides, astragalus polysaccharides, interferon, and transfer factors, etc., inhibits virus propagation in the body and enhances the body's immune resistance, reducing the incidence of diseases. Especially for long-acting antiviral drugs or Buzhongyiqi herbs, the effect will be very good; such as Shuanghuanglian oral solution.

When the peak comes, strengthen disinfection. In particular, water disinfection, drinking 12 hours each time, but it is best not to use more than 3 days, too long can easily cause intestinal flora disorder, can play a significant role in reducing viral infections.

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