Six Misunderstandings of Threshing Machines

In addition to the correct use of the thresher to follow certain principles of use, it is also important to remember not to use the misunderstanding. The following are the six errors used by the thresher for reference.

(I) Poor maintenance

After the thresher has been used up, it should be overhauled and properly kept in order to facilitate the next or next year's reuse. After some of them are used up, they are casually placed on the sidelines, in the fields, or in courtyards. They are exposed to wind, sun, and rain. Many parts are rusted, resulting in self-damage or difficult maintenance before next use. Some of them even knew that something was wrong and they did not repair or dispatch. They thought that if they did not use it for a long time, they would be reluctant to do so. As a result, accidents such as loosening of the screws, breakage of the pattern bar, and dropping of the pulleys often occur, which injure the human body. There are even some "explosions."

(b) Use of phase-out models

Some small, simple and compact bar threshers produced in the early years, although they were simple and efficient in construction, they were poor in safety and accidents occurred frequently. Has been explicitly eliminated (such as 5TJ-110 type), the manufacturers do not have a complete machine and no accessories. However, some owners spend money to buy new machines, there are chances. As everyone knows, accidents often happen under such circumstances, and they are not worth the rewards.

(3) Unfamiliarity with operation

Some places have changed the past practice of having experienced pilots to master the threshing machine's threshing, but each family is fighting each other. Many operators do not understand mechanical principles and lack safety knowledge. They also think that threshing is common to all people and they only use them for a short period of time each year. They are not willing to spend time in training courses. Even one household is organic, home and neighbors are all operating. Encountered the situation, I do not know how to deal with the accident.

(IV) Diversification

In the autumn harvest, people are extremely tired. In particular, it is easy to be trapped at night, combined with poor lighting, disperse energy, and cause accidents. There are other side feeds, while taking care of children, the spirit is not concentrated, the hands are easily involved in the drum.

(v) Poor safety facilities

Drive belt without protective cover, close to being injured; diesel engine without fire extinguishing device, Mars spouting, causing fire; no fire extinguisher or sand, water and other fire-fighting facilities on the side of the field, once the fire, causing passive.

(6) Miscellaneous hands

When feeding wheat straw, there is no main person to talk about safety knowledge, and there is no special person to direct the command. Adults, women, and children are all on it. Some wheat straws are fed in groups, and some wheat straw has foreign objects or tools at the center, causing damage to the thresher. Some hands penetrated deep and were wounded by rollers.

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