The cause of spring egg pheasants

[stocking density is too large]

The stocking density is too large, sinks and feed troughs are insufficient, and chickens compete for water, causing some chickens to lack nutrients and prone to paralysis.

[Family tidy]

At 0-20 weeks of age, chickens are in a period of growth and development, and the body weight and bones are rapidly growing. If they are improperly reared and managed, they will cause the birds to lose weight and the length of the chickens will not be able to reach the standards. This will result in poor tidy chickens, which will cause chickens to develop. Hey.

[Environmental regulation is not proper]

If the air inside the house is polluted and the harmful gas exceeds the standard, the chickens will become restless and have troubles; the temperature will be uneven and hot and cold will cause great stress to the flock and the chickens will be affected; The time is too long, the intensity is too great, or the light is not uniform or the outside light directly shines on the flock.

Dietary nutrition is irrational

Insufficient animal protein in the diet, or amino acid imbalance, the flock can not effectively use the protein in the diet, can cause sputum; lack of calcium and phosphorus, lack of vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12 can cause sputum addiction.

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