Prepare cotton seed before sowing

In order to ensure the good growth of cotton in the future, the following seven tasks must be done before planting cotton: When preparing good varieties, do not blindly pursue new specialties and high yields, and choose according to their respective land strength, production, and management level. Should select good insect resistance, disease resistance, strong growth potential, concentrated bells, easy management, early maturity and premature aging of cotton varieties. The selection of new cotton varieties should be conducted on the basis of experiments and demonstrations. In the first year, a small amount of test plants should be planted. In the second year, the disease performance, growth potential, bell-tolerance, and yield-increasing performance exceed that of the original varieties. The purchase of high-quality cotton seeds should go to the regular seed sector, and select high-quality seeds with good purity, high germination rate and guaranteed quality. Preparation of fertilizer in the cotton before planting base fertilizer, adding organic fertilizer, reuse of potash fertilizer, make-up application of micro-fertilizer, under this principle of fertilization, the implementation of formula fertilization. According to the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required for the cotton field of 3:1:3, a formula fertilization plan was formulated to achieve balanced fertilization. General cotton field before sowing preparation of high-quality organic fertilizer 1500 ~ 2500 kg, high-concentration high-quality nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer 25 ~ 30 kg, zinc fertilizer, boron fertilizer and other micro-fertilizers 1 kg; or apply ammonium diammonium phosphate per acre 15 ~ 20 kg, potassium chloride or potassium sulfate 10 ~ 15 kg, 5 ~ 7.5 kg of urea instead of compound fertilizer. The preparation of ground-covered cotton mulch film has the advantages of increasing temperature, maintaining soil moisture, stabilizing soil moisture, improving soil physical and chemical properties and nutrient status, and promoting cotton growth process to improve yield structure. Cotton fields can be used 0.04 ~ 0.08 mm, width 90 cm of plastic film 3 kg. Preparation of pesticides currently used generally coated seeds, do not have to prepare insecticide bactericidal pesticides, mainly to prepare herbicides. Herbicide is prepared with 48% trifluralin 80 ml, or 90% nipalse 30-40 ml, or 50% acetochlor EC 100 ml per acre. Trifluralin is used 3 to 5 days before sowing and other herbicides are used after sowing and covering. Accumulation of cotton crops should be done timely before sowing, pay attention to conservation, to ensure that the soil at the end of foot and mouth is good. For the cotton fields that have already been filled with winter water and have good lyrical moisture, they must be protected or covered with plastic film to reduce the evaporation of water; for cotton fields that are not well-behaved, they must be promptly irrigated and watered for 10 to 15 days prior to cotton sowing. The temperature of the ground rises, and the land is kept till it is ready. In order to reduce the pollution and diseases in the cotton fields, it is necessary to first clear the cotton fields, mulch and other debris in the cotton fields to create a good environment for cotton growth. On the basis of building foot rakes, intensive cultivation should be done. Deep plowing should be done more than 20 cm to break the plough bottom layer, remove soil compaction, improve soil properties, and promote cotton root growth. After the ploughing in the cotton fields, the soil should be ploughed in time. The soil preparation must be completed 3 to 5 days before sowing. The preparation technology must firstly prepare a seedling seedling technique and master the proper sowing. Secondly, prepare the proper close planting technique. Determine the spacing of the rows of plants according to the characteristics of the selected varieties and the soil conditions. The third is to prepare the seedling pest control. Technology, applying pest control methods from the start of sowing.

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