Jiangxi: the introduction of waste oil remediation program

On August 11, the reporter learned from the Provincial Food Safety Coordination and Leading Group that the implementation plan for the special rectification of waste oil and food waste in our province has been introduced. The special rectification group is composed of the Provincial Health Department, the Provincial Supervision Department, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Provincial Food and Drug Administration. There are 10 bureaus composed of the Authority, and the rectification action will severely crack down on the illegal activities of production, extraction, sales, purchase, and use of cooking oil, purify the edible oil market in our province, and establish the unified collection and transportation of waste oil and kitchen waste. The long-term mechanism of harmful treatment eliminates the flow of waste oil into the production, operation, and use of food, and ensures food safety and good health for the people.

The rectification by the quality supervision department of the edible oil production and processing units to conduct a comprehensive supervision and inspection. For illegal production and processing sites that process waste oil into edible oil, the quality supervision and law enforcement personnel will carry out thorough investigations, and once cleared, they will be immediately cleaned up and banned. The quality supervision department will supervise the enterprises to implement the main responsibility of food safety, and strictly control the entrance of raw materials into the factory, the production process, and the factory inspection. The industrial and commercial department will strengthen the registration of waste oil recovery and processing units and conduct supervision and inspection. Any unlicensed recovery and processing of waste oil will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, so that all waste oil recovery and processing units are under the control of the regulatory authorities.

During the remediation, the Provincial Health Department and the Provincial Food and Drug Administration will focus on catering industry concentration areas such as cities (towns), mining areas, and tourist attractions, and cater to all types of catering service providers to strengthen the use of edible oils. The purchase records and ticket inspections focused on the sourcing of bulk edible oil from catering companies. The rectification calls for the establishment of a catering unit procurement of edible oil sources, kitchen wastes and waste oil to the publicity system, and urges catering service providers to establish a management system for food waste and waste oil disposal so that the daily production will be clear.

During the remediation, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department is responsible for the installation of oil and water isolation tanks, oil-water separators, and waste oil recovery devices, focusing on the collective canteens and large and medium-sized catering service units, and strengthening the supervision of recycling and disposal. More importantly, it is necessary to work together with relevant departments to carry out pilot work on the utilization of food wastes and the harmless treatment of food wastes. During the remediation, the company will implement the licensing or filing of the qualifications of waste oil and kitchen waste collection and disposal units, determine the unified collection units and centralized disposal sites for waste oil and kitchen waste within its jurisdiction, and implement all waste greases and meals. Full coverage of kitchen waste generators. Receiving and transporting units need to set up receipt and disposal accounts for waste oil and kitchen waste, and record in detail the types, quantities, destinations, and uses of waste oil and kitchen waste.

In this rectification, the relevant authorities are required to rectify the border and help them, and to combat and guide them, actively carry out the pilot work of restaurant kitchen waste collection and disposal, support the utilization of kitchen waste resources and the construction of harmless treatment projects, and support relevant enterprises. Develop and guide social forces to participate in the resource utilization and harmless treatment of restaurant kitchen waste. In accordance with this requirement, this rectification action may be an opportunity to change the weak use of kitchen waste in our province. It is also an opportunity for some entrepreneurs who are struggling to find new projects.

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