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Product reference standard:
Threads can be produced according to BSPT, BSP, NPT, DIN259/2999
Main performance specifications:
Nominal pressure: PN≤1.6Mpa Applicable medium: water, oil, acid Applicable temperature: T≤180°C

Product structure characteristics:
Silica sol precision cast stainless steel valve body, bonnet
Suitable for water, oil, steam and certain corrosive fluid media
Normal temperature rated working pressure is 200PSI (1.6Mpa)
Material description of the main parts:
ITEM part
1 Valve body CF8/CF8M
2 Brake 304/106
3 Valve stem 316
4 cap CF8/CF8M
5 Seal PTFE
6 Flat pad 304/106
7 filler PTFE
8 Pressure ring 304/106
9 Gland CF8/CF8M
10 Hand wheel ALUMNUM ALLOY
11 Nameplate ALUMNUM ALLOY
12 Nut 304
Main dimensions:
1/2" 15 66 70 100 3.8
3/4" 20 80 70 106 7.0
1" 25 90 80 118 11.0
1-1/4" 32 105 100 134 21.0
1-1/2" 40 120 100 152 29.0
2" 50 141 110 172 50.0

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