Cultivation Techniques of Exclusive Garlic

1. Variety and selection of garlic cloves: After many years of experiments, it is proved that the early cultivated garlic varieties are Wenjiang Red Seven Stars, forty-six petals and two waters early, and the size of garlic slices is 100 grams with 100-200 petals.

2, sowing time: low-temperature garlic seed, early sowing, although the rate of garlic is also high, but due to high temperatures, easy to early aging, small garlic, low commodity value; too late to plant, too many garlic, but after the listing, The efficiency is not high. Therefore, the sowing date is appropriate in September.

3, planting density: small garlic can be 1010 cm or 7 cm 10 cm, 7-8 million seedlings per acre is appropriate.

4. Apply more farmyard manure, increase phosphorus and potash fertilizers, avoid single application of nitrogen fertilizer, and not apply or reduce parent manure at the 4-5 leaf stage, and control the seedlings to grow long.

5, appropriate intercropping: in the garlic field sown a small amount of small radishes, vegetables, lettuce and other crops, so that proper shade black garlic, inhibit growth, until the time between the collection of vegetables, due to small garlic leaf area, scale buds do not differentiate, Long conditions of high temperature and long days of growth into a single head of garlic.

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