The production of frozen sweet potato leaves

Fresh sweet potato leaves will be washed, placed in boiling water and blanched for 5 to 10 seconds. The ratio of material to liquid will be 1:3, reaching 80% of maturity, and immediately sent to the pre-cooling room for cooling. After draining, the temperature will drop to about 10°C. Blanching time should be moderate, too long or not cool, will affect the quality of sweet potato leaves. After blanching, the sweet potato leaves were quickly frozen using a plane mesh belt quick-freezer. The average temperature of the freezer was about 30°C, and the average frozen product purchase temperature was about 15°C. The shipping temperature was about 18°C. While quick-freezing, it is quantitatively packed in plastic bags for food, then put into a 20-kg waterproof packaging carton and bundled and stored in a freezer at 18°C.

Fertigation is using your irrigator to fertilise the plants and soils as you water, which is the most efficient and advanced practice of fertilization. Aid of pressure system (or natural divide terrain), the soluble solid or liquid fertilizer, according to the soil nutrient content and crop fertilizer regularity and characteristics of species, with the fat of with irrigation water, through a controlled water supply pipeline system, supplying, the compatibility, water through the pipe and drop head form drip irrigation, uniform, regular, quantitative, infiltration area crop root growth and development, make the main root soil always stay loose and appropriate moisture content, at the same time according to different crop fertilizer characteristics, environment and soil nutrient content in soil; Crops in different growth phase water requirement, the different development stages of the fertilizer rule is the demand of design, the water and nutrient timing quantitative, provided directly in proportion to the crops.

Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System

Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System,Greenhouse Micro Irrigation System ,Plant Drip Irrigation