Techniques for hatching snake eggs

Temperature: Suitable for 20 °C ~ 30 °C, put the thermometer in the cylinder, if the temperature is low, you can set a hot water bottle, avoid touching the egg bag.

Humidity: generally should be in the relative humidity of 50% to 80%, the cylinder should be placed hygrometer, humidity is too high, snake egg susceptible to mold, then you can open the cylinder head, and set the hot water bottle to promote moisture distribution mold: Snake eggs If there is mildew on the surface, it should be found as soon as possible. After wiping with a velvet cloth, apply a greasy flavomycin to the area where it has been stained with mildew to dry it, put it back in place, and avoid using antibacterial ointment to apply it. Otherwise, the oil film will not be applied. Blocking the stomata on the surface of snake eggs causes the embryos to suffocate and die.

To prevent Natural enemies: Rats, ants, cockroaches, etc. will invade snake eggs, so they should be stamped. In order to prevent enemies from entering, they can be sprayed with pesticides around the cylinder feet, but avoid pesticides into the tank.

The choice of ovirapes: In order to regulate and maintain the humidity of snake eggs, choose fresh, clean moss or grass cover, replace it in about two days. Some people are accustomed to cover with wet straw, which is not ideal, because it tends to mold.

Ovulation: When unfertilized eggs or dead fetus eggs are placed too long, they will break and degenerate, contaminating other snake eggs. Ovulation can use the built-in bulbs of the casket, open a hole slightly smaller than the snake's ovum, use the light of the light bulb to test the snake eggs in the dark room, for the individual snake eggs that are difficult to choose, can be placed on one side and Strengthen inspections.

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