Application of emulsifier in mayonnaise

Process flow
Main process steps
1 Selection of raw materials
2 egg shelling
3 Preparation of the aqueous phase, after weighing all the raw materials separately, dissolve a small amount of auxiliary materials, and turn on the mixer to make a uniform mixture.
4 Stir in oil, stir while adding oil, and then slowly add some of the vinegar.
5 Homogeneous emulsification, using a high shear dispersing emulsifier, in the case of vacuum, cyclic emulsification homogenization.
6 cans

Waist Heating Pad is similar to regular Heating Pad, but normally used specifically to relieve pains caused to human waist.

It is with a detachable controller with 4 temperature settings as option.

It will shut off automatically after 2 hours for the sake of safety.

Besides, the internal heating element also has the function of overheating protection, to ensure safety when people use it.

Below image as a reference:

waist heating pad

Waist Heating Pad

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