The appearance and habits of guppies and breeding characteristics

The guppies are also known as rainbow fish and millions of fish.

Origin: Venezuela, Guyana, West Indies and other places.

Shape and habits:

The guppies are slender and have a beautiful flower tail, hence the name guppies. The male is about 4 cm in length and the tail (including caudal peduncle and caudal fin) accounts for about 2/3 of the total length; the female body is 5-6 cm long, and the tail occupies more than half of the total length. The male fish is covered in metallic glitter, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and blue, and the basic colors are light red, light green, yellowish, pale purple, red, black, and peacock blue. The color patterns on the tail fins are wonderful; there are 1 to 3 rows of neatly arranged, uniform-sized black round spots or a large-colored round spot that resembles a round spot on a peacocktail. With the selection of crossbreeds, there have been a variety of changes, such as a variety of peacock fish, some covered with silver flashes, some stripe shine like a snakeskin, some tail fins like a torch, some of a pale purple, there are Half of the body is red, black and black, and some are green, red and black. Tropical fish lovers in Beijing call these fish: snake skin guppies, torches, red robes, purple robes, black robes, blue robes and so on. There are as many as 13-16 tail fins, including round tails, triangle tails, flag tails, tails of torches, tails, tails, dovetails, upper sword tails, lower sword tails, and skirt tails. The body color of the female fish is monotonous and inferior to that of the male fish. The fins are general, but the caudal fins are bright blue, yellow, light green and light blue, scattered with black spots of different sizes. The body color and other fins are not prominent, highlighting The tail fins move like many small fans are moving.

The guppies are very adaptable, able to tolerate temperatures as low as 16°C and tolerate dirtier waters, and live well in aquariums without tempering and aeration equipment. The optimum growth temperature is 22-24°C, which is slightly alkaline, with a hydrogen ion concentration of 39.81-63.09 nmol/L, pH 7.2 to 7.4), which can also adapt to the nature.

Although the guppies are easy to raise, if they want to obtain beautiful guppies whose color is very beautiful, their body shape and their tails grow up, they should be kept in big aquariums from larvae, with large bodies of water and dark colored sand. , more plants, suitable water quality and other good living environment. It has a wide range of feeding habits, and all kinds of feed are willing to feed. However, it cannot be fed poorly in feeding so as not to affect growth and color. The guppies have a temperate temperament and can be mixed with other tropical fish. They are usually lively and active. The females can easily jump after being frightened.

Reproduction characteristics

The breeding ability is very strong, so there are millions of fish. Usually 4 to 5 months of age, gonadal maturation, males raised in the same tank will chase females for copulation

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