Fattening Techniques for Raising Meat Rabbits

The traditional raising rabbits are mainly based on cage culture, and the raising cost of the cages in the fattening production of meat rabbits restricts the production of meat rabbits and promotes fattening by means of group breeding. The effect is good. The main points are introduced as follows for reference of farmers. The reasonable density should limit the fattening rabbit movement. In practice, the density should be increased. It is advisable that 6 to 8 rabbits per square meter are suitable for adult rabbits, and 20 to 30 rabbits per group are suitable for management. When males and females are divided into groups, male and female rabbits are preferably separately reared, which is conducive to feeding and management and promotion of growth and development of meat rabbits. Weak and strong groups in the same group, body weight and constitution should be equal as far as possible, which is not only conducive to the growth and development of rabbits, but also to a certain extent to prevent the battle of rabbits. Meat rabbits that share the same group of nests should try to be in the same nest rabbits. If they are not in the same group, they should choose the same group of rabbits of the same age. All-in and all-out breeder rabbits must adopt full-entry and full-out, which is not only conducive to feeding and management, but also helps to prevent the onset of rabbits and increase the survival rate and bred rate. The hygienic rabbits like to dry and love to be clean. Therefore, rabbit cages should be cleaned every day, feces should be removed, and feeding utensils must be washed to keep the rabbitware clean and hygienic and prevent diseases. Routine sterilization of fattening rabbits is generally weak and disease resistance is poor. Therefore, according to the actual situation, rabbits should be disinfected once every 3 days to 7 days, and the surrounding environment of the rabbit house should be disinfected every 15 days to 30 days. Kill pathogenic microorganisms and prevent the onset of rabbit disease. Keeping the environment quiet The rabbits are timid and frightened. When there are abnormal sounds, the ears are listened to, the panic panicked, and the panic disorder. This is extremely detrimental to the fattening of rabbits. Therefore, it should be kept quiet in management. The optimum temperature for fattening rabbits in heatstroke and cold-proof work is 15°C~25°C. Therefore, heat treatment should be done during high summer temperatures. The exhaust fan should be installed in the rabbit house. All the doors and windows in the rabbit house should be opened. Plant trees, plant vines, vegetables, and other shade to prevent excessive temperatures.

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