Need to be alert to the 3 most dangerous ways to drink

Feelings of deep emotion, a bored, emotional lightness, and a glimpse; one or two or two mouths, two or four and four are not wine, five twos and sixs to help the wall to go, seven and eighty-two still lingering ... ... wine culture history For a long time, the exhortation of wine is also a set. Just at the end of the year, group visits, year-end meetings, and thank you will all come together. You have to drink a lot. However, you must control the amount, but don't drink high accidents.

Drink too much can be deadly

At 6 o'clock in the morning, the sky was very bright. The emergency department of the hospital received an emergency call and a man fell unconscious on the roadside. Emergency physician Lan Hai rushed to the first aid, this man's blood pressure is zero, the pupil side is large and small, the current judgment of cerebral hemorrhage, plus the patient exudes a strong sense of alcohol, further to determine the brain caused by drinking Broken blood vessels.

"Drinking too much can also lead to death." Blue Ocean said that the man caused excessive cerebrovascular accident due to excessive drinking, because excessive alcohol can inhibit the brain stem function, and the brain stem is specialized in controlling people's breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc., if it is suppressed, There will be abnormalities in breathing, blood pressure, and heartbeat, which will endanger life. Secondly, drunken stomachs often cause bleeding, manifested as vomiting blood, black stools, but also very dangerous.

According to Liu Nan, director of the emergency department, at the end of the year, the emergency department will see more than five patients who have symptoms of vomiting, drowsiness and unconsciousness due to excessive drinking. The emergency surgery department admitted many patients who suffered from accidents such as unsteady drinking after drinking, injuries after a drink fight, and an accident after drinking. Therefore, experts suggest that drinking is still a bit of a drink.

Drinking is generally divided into three phases:

The first stage is the excitement of alcohol in the cerebral cortex, often manifested as excitement, nonsense, etc.;

After drinking a little more, it enters the second stage. Alcohol begins to inhibit the subcortical center, cerebellum, etc. At this time, alcoholic drinkers often show confusion, unsteady walking, and difficulty in mastering balance. At this time, if you go to the bathroom, it is easy to happen. Fall accidentally;

If you continue to drink, excessive alcohol begins to suppress the brain stem center, drinkers have slowed breathing, blood pressure, and even coma.

Experts said that drinking a drink to be happy, a little excited on the line, drunk easy to hurt. Liquor is easy to get drunk, but also prone to vomiting, alcoholic gastritis; red wine drink less beneficial, do not exceed 100ml a night; drug drink do not drink indiscriminately, according to the constitution, had high blood pressure patients drink velvet wine, resulting in soaring blood pressure, very dangerous.

3 kinds of drinking methods are the most dangerous

1 "mashup" most hurt

Drinking and mixing creative ideas, such as wine Sprite, whisky iced tea, beer plus coke, or "red, white, beer," turns into turns ... Experts said that commonly used carbonated drinks, the release of carbon dioxide gas in the stomach will Forcing alcohol into the small intestine quickly, which intensifies harm, and drinkers feel like they are drinking and they drink hard. Once they sense alcohol, they drink too much.

2 "a boredom" is the most easily drunk

Do not drink too much too fast. Drink slowly, let the body absorb slowly, and drink while you are cooking. This will have time to decompose the body of ethanol. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Drink a glass of milk first, or eat a few slices of bread, do not drink on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa. Vitamin B can also be taken in advance to protect the liver.

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