Causes and Prevention of Malformed Cotton Seedlings

In the emergence of cotton, there will often be some abnormal cotton seedlings, especially nursery seed beds, the probability of abnormal seedlings is much higher than the live broadcast of Daejeon. These individuals are poorly developed and it is difficult to grow into robust seedlings. Severe seedlings cause dead seedlings, resulting in lack of seedlings and ridges, affecting the uniformity.

The common deformed seedlings with shells in production: When the cotyledons are unearthed, the cotton shells cannot be taken off. The main reason is that the sowing is too shallow, and the bulge pressure is small when the cotyledon is unearthed, especially if the seeds are soaked with unsoaked hairs and such cotton seedlings are easily found in the cotton fields with insufficient moisture. Stumpy seedlings: After the radicles stick out, they break through the topsoil and grow upwards, forming negative roots of the roots. The main reason is that the seedlings are of different shades, and the seedbed is covered with uneven thickness, which causes some of the cotton seeds to be exposed and is susceptible to such cotton seedlings. Fat feet: After the cotton seedlings are unearthed, the cotyledon is small and the young stems are enlarged. Mainly by sowing too deep or seedbed overburdened soil, cotton seedlings unearthed when the cotyledon cells increased turgor pressure, cotyledon nutrients excessive consumption formed. In addition, fertilizer and water conditions are good, lack of light is also prone to such cotton seedlings. Shrink leaf seedlings: The cotyledons shrink into clusters after emergence. It is mainly caused by freezing and freezing injury during the emergence process. Chicken claw seedlings: mainly appear on nursery seedlings, cotyledons form nick deformity. It is mainly caused by improper application of plant growth regulators. Rust: The root of the root produces rust and decay. It is mainly caused by the overburdened soil or excessive soil moisture during planting and the lack of oxygen at the time of emergence. Linear seedlings and lumps: Excavated seedlings are delicate or clustered. It is mainly caused by excessive sowing, improper arrangement of cotton crowded, and inadequate nutrition. When the young shoots are fine when emerged, they are also easily tangled into clusters to form spherical seedlings.

The preventive measures are to make the seedlings in the cotton field reach Miao Qi, Miao Lian, and Miao Zhuang. Attention should be paid to the following points when sowing. The first is to use down-coated seed to increase the emergence rate. Avoid using seed under the seed. If seeding with wool, it must be soaked with warm water or pouring enough water. Second, the depth of sowing should be the same, mastered in 2 to 3 cm. Nutrition seedlings are planted one seed each time, and Daejeon’s direct seeding should be uniform. Third, the spring sowing should be combined with the temperature, ground temperature and lyricism at that time. Generally, the daily average temperature is about 25°C, and the 5 cm ground temperature is stable at 14°C~16°C. The soil moisture content is 60%~70%. The fourth is to transplant seedlings to grasp the seedlings do not transfer, the membrane does not leave the bed, according to the weather conditions on the cotton seedlings to exhale. Fifth, when the herbicide and plant growth regulators are applied, they must be strictly operated according to the instructions. Do not arbitrarily increase the dosage.

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