Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of Vegetable Disease at Seedling Stage

As the temperature rises, various vegetables begin to grow seedlings, and the diseases of vegetable seedlings occur every year to varying degrees. The author reminds farmers to pay attention to the problem of seedling disease this spring. In principle, prevention and control of disease during vegetable seedling stage should be based on prevention and integrated prevention and treatment. If seed borne bacteria and seedbeds are improperly managed, it will easily cause the occurrence of damping-off, damping-off, and rooting in the seedling stage. Therefore, it is important to strengthen seed management and seedbed management before seeding.

Seedbed selection and treatment of seedbeds should be selected in areas with high topography, well-drained, fertile soil, and loose soil, preferably raw land. If the old seedbed is used, the bed soil must be sun-dried and disinfected prior to sowing. Generally, bed soil is loosened 2~3 weeks before sowing, and 40% formaldehyde (formalin) 50ml water 2~4kg per square meter (if bed soil is wet, water can be added), spraying on the bed On the soil, then covered with plastic film, smoked stuffy for 4 to 5 days, remove the plastic film, loosen the soil and let it dry for 15 days. After the liquid is fully evaporated, it can be sowed. Can also be used 50% carbendazim wettable powder 8 ~ 10g mixed with 10 ~ 15 kg of dry fine soil, mixed evenly, sowing 1/3 of the drug soil in the seedbed, the rest of the drug soil sprinkled on the seed, so that Around the seed there is protection of the earth. Sprinkle water on the seedbed as appropriate to prevent over-drying of the topsoil.

Seed sowing before sowing, soaking in warm water or pesticides (immersion), can kill the bacteria on the seed surface, prevent and reduce the incidence of seedling disease. The soaking temperature and time vary from vegetable to vegetable. Generally, cucumber seeds are soaked in warm water of 50°C for 20 minutes, tomato seeds are soaked in warm water of 52°C for 30 minutes, eggplant seeds are soaked in warm water of 53°C~55°C for 15 minutes or soaked in warm water of 50°C for 30 minutes, and pepper seeds are soaked in warm water of 55°C for 10 minutes. . Can also be used 50% carbendazim WP plus 3 ~ 5 times fine soil mixed seed dressing, or 50% carbendazim WP 500 times soaking for 10 minutes, after soaking, to wash the seeds with water before Can sow.

The main reasons for the increase of seedling management, such as damping-off, blight, and root failure, are the low seedbed temperature, high humidity, and poor ventilation and light transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the heat preservation of the seedbed, diligent ventilation, and loose soil. Reduce the humidity in the bed; while ensuring the proper temperature in the bed, increase the light and prompt the seedlings to grow robustly.

After the emergence of chemical agents to prevent the emergence of a few seedlings, it is necessary to remove the diseased seedlings in time, and then spray and control them. 75% chlorothalonil WP can be sprayed or irrigated with 600 times liquid to prevent cataplexy; use 50% thiram 800 to 1000 times solution to spray or irrigate roots to prevent blight; , 70% mancozeb WP can be used 500 times or 50% carbendazim WP 600 times spray control. After spraying, a small amount of grass ash or fine dry soil can be used to reduce the humidity.


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